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Contact Lenses: Aftercare & Information

Now you have your new supply of contact lenses there are some things we think you should know to ensure you remain happy and comfortable with your lenses.

Have regular checkups

We advise all our customers to have regular checkups with their optician to ensure healthy eyes and to obtain an up to date contact lens specification. Once you have your valid contact lens specification you will be able to place an order for your new lenses with us - please don't forget to send us a copy once you have placed your order (we will also email you to ask for this information). If we have received a valid contact lens specification for a previous order, you can go ahead and order lenses right up to the date you specification expires.

Keep your contact lenses clean

Once you've been prescribed your contact lenses your optician will advise you on the correct cleaning regime for that specific lens. We advise you to keep to this regime and not change unless specified by your optician as this may put the health of your eyes at risk.

At SelectSpecs.com we have a number of cleaning solutions and accessories available, your optician will advise you on the best one to suit you and your requirements.

Please ensure that you:

  • Keep your lens case clean with contact lens disinfecting solution - never use tap water!
  • Replace your lens case on a regular basis
  • Keep bottle tops on your cleaning solution

If you have any questions about your cleaning regime please contact your optician for advice.

Important information - "Do's and Don'ts"

DO ensure you visit your optician on a regular basis for aftercare check ups.

DO contact us if you have any queries regarding your lenses.

DO stop wearing your lenses if they become uncomfortable or your eyes become red or sore - ensure you also contact us or your optician for advice.

DO ensure you only handle your lenses when your hands are clean.

DO clean your lenses on a regular basis and ensure daily use lenses are disposed of after each wear.

DO ensure you have a good supply of cleaning solution bottle tops are secured after use.

DO ensure your lens case is cleaned with contact lens disinfecting solution on a regular basis.

DO replace your lens case on a regular basis.

DO NOT wear your lenses longer than advised.

DO NOT ignore any problems with your eyes.

DO NOT handle contact lenses with sharp nails or dirty hands.

DO NOT sleep in your contact lenses (unless they are continuous wear)

DO NOT wash your lenses or lens case with tap water.

DO NOT wear lenses if you're currently using eye drops.

Emergency information

If you have a problem that may be caused by your contact lenses we have supplied you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do my eyes feel while wearing lenses?
  • How is my vision?
  • How do my eyes look?

If you feel unhappy with the answer to any of these questions, remove your lenses and please contact us on +44 (0)1843 264 715 during office hours or seek medical advice from NHS Direct.

Need to know how to put your contact lenses and take them out again? Our step by step guides will help you to understand the right way to insert and remove your lenses. Click the links below to find out more: