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14-Point Quality Check

Before your order is dispatched, and to ensure you will be over the moon with your new glasses, we take a few moments to check your glasses are completed to the best possible standard. All prescription glasses are subject to our 14 point quality check, this includes checking the following...

1). Your Prescription

We check the prescription is correct to the values that have been provided by you. This means checking the sphere and cylinder powers, the axis, and any prism values. We check your finished glasses on a focimeter for an accurate reading.

2). Pupillary Distance (PD) and Heights

We check the PD values on your glasses are correct to your given measurements. We also check the vertical alignment of the lenses to ensure an optimal position when the glasses sit on your face.

3). Lens Thickness

We check that the lenses in your glasses are the correct index and are as thin as possible based on a combination of factors including your prescription and choice of frame.

4). Front Curvature

We check that the lenses in your glasses have the correct curvature so they fit the frame correctly and are not likely to fall out or damage the frame in any way. Most prescription frames in our collection have a subtle curve to them, while some of the sportier and wrap frames require high curved lenses, which are specially made, (ie, the Oakley Crosslink).

5). Fitting Bevel & Groove

We check that the fitting bevel and groove on the lens is sufficient for the frame. This is important to secure the lenses into the frames, each lens has a unique curve based on the prescription and frame design, consequently a bevel or groove is tailored to best suit both.

6). Lens Safety

We check that a lens does not have any sharp edges and is sufficiently polished. This is especially true for semi-rimless or rimless glasses where the lens edges are exposed.

7). Lens Surface Quality & Anti-Reflection Coating

We check that the lens surface is free from any marks or scratches that may have occurred during the manufacturing process, as well as ensuring the anti-reflection coating is uniform across the surface. If this is not correct the coatings can break down over time meaning the lenses would need to be replaced.

8). Frame Alignment

We check that the frame is correctly set up and the arms are not out of alignment. On occasion frames can be slightly misaligned due to the installation of prescription lenses, but this is rectified before being packaged and shipped.

9). Nose Pad Alignment

We check that the nose pads are securely attached and positioned. If the positioning is not right for you they can be gently adjusted to suit.

10). Temple Tip Adjustment

We check that the ends of the arms are correctly positioned. As above, the temple tips can be gently adjusted to suit you.

11). Overall Lens Shape & Symmetry

We check the lenses are the correct shape for the frame and are both symmetrical.

12). Lens Fitting

Lenses should fit snug in the frame, too loose and they will rattle in the frame or worse, fall out. If they're too tight they can distort the frame. As our lab machinery is incredibly accurate 99.99% of lenses are fitted correctly.

13). Treatments & Coatings

We check that any treatments and coatings have been applied correctly.

14). Overall Cosmetic Appearance

We have one final check of your glasses to ensure they're cosmetically pleasing and to make any final adjustments.

And finally...
As we take great pride in our work and want to ensure your glasses have the best possible finish, if your glasses do not pass our strict quality check we will remake your glasses.

In the unfortunate event that this happens, we will inform you by email or phone.