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How to put Contact Lenses in

Inserting your contact lenses may seem a little daunting at first but after a little time this will become second nature. Remember, take your time and don't rush.

Before you begin...

Before you insert your lenses please ensure the following steps are taken:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses taking care to remove all traces that may contaminate your lenses - such as dirt or greasy substances.
  • Do not insert your lenses immediately after using any aerosols or sprays as this can linger in the air and contaminate your lenses.

We recommend you have the following to hand in a well lit area before you begin to insert your lenses:

  • A clean soft towel to spread out on your work surface.
  • A mirror, ideally a magnifying mirror.
  • A clean contact lens case if necessary.
  • Cleaning solutions if necessary.
  • Unperfumed tissues.
  • Your glasses, if necessary.

Inserting your lenses

Now your area is prepared and your hands are clean, you're ready to insert your lenses. Try to get in to the habit of inserting your right lens first as this will help to ensure that you put the correct lens in each eye. Simply follow these simple steps:

Handling your lenses

  • For disposable (eg, dailies) lenses, shake the blister pack and peel back the foil. Gently slide the lens out of the blister pack with your finger until it's free from the packaging.
  • For lenses you have used before (eg, monthlies), remove the right lens from its case by tipping it into your palm or by picking it out with your fingertip.
  • Never use tweezers or any other tools to remove the lenses as this may damage the lenses. Always use the fleshy part of your fingers and avoid using your nails.

Check your lenses

  • Place the lens on your finger and look at the shape. It should look like a regular semi-circle. If the lens has an irregular shape or a lip then it is probably inside out.
  • If the lens is inside out, simply place in the palm of your hand and turn the lens the correct way round.
  • Check to ensure the lens is not contaminated with dust, dirt or any hairs and if necessary, rinse with your cleaning solution.

Start with your right eye

  • Look straight ahead at the mirror with your lens on your index finger.
  • Hold your upper lid eyelashes against your brow with the first finger of your left hand.
  • Use the middle finger of your right hand to pull your lower eye lid down.
  • Now bring the lens towards your right eye whilst looking in to the mirror.
  • Place the lens directly over the iris so that the edges of the lens are in contact with the eye.
  • Now blink several times to correct lens positioning and to establish good vision.
  • When your happy the first lens is in place, repeat the procedure with your left eye.

How does the lens feel?

  • If the lens feels uncomfortable, slide the lens off the centre of the iris and allow it to slide back in to the correct position.
  • If the lens still feels uncomfortable, remove the lens and rinse it thoroughly with a cleaning solution or saline as recommended by your optician.
  • You may find the lens feels uncomfortable if it is inserted inside out. Remove the lens and check the shape before reinserting the lens.
  • If you can't see clearly you may find the lens has fallen out when you blinked if it was not inserted correctly. Check your eyelashes or cheek first then the cloth in front of you. Clean the lens thoroughly with a cleaning solution or saline as recommended by your optician before reinserting.
  • We recommend you always keep your lens case filled with solution and your glasses with you at all times.

If you feel unhappy with your lenses or they become uncomfortable, remove your lenses and please contact us on +44 (0)1843 264 715 during office hours or seek medical advice from NHS Direct.


Inserting Contact Lenses

A Video Guide
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