Beetles Are Able to Grow Special Bifocal Eyes!

Go on, I dare you to say Beetlejuice three times – but before you cower behind the sofa, you might want to peel back your eyes.

It turns out that the humble diving beetle has the ability to grow bifocals all by themselves.

The complexity of this appears to be mind boggling in its own right, not to mention eye-popping! It’s astounded many a boffin across several labs already and according to the men in white coats, a study into the eye development of a diving beetle has found its eye parts change significantly as a result of moulted larvae.

Appearing as a bush tucker trial dish on

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dry eyes

How to Deal with Dry Eyes

Do you ever get an uncomfortable, itchy feeling in your eyes at the end of a long day? If this happens regularly, then you may be suffering from dry eyes.

Eye dryness occurs when the eye doesn’t produce tears properly or when the tears evaporate too quickly. It can range in severity and is caused by many different things, from lifestyle to medical conditions. For some, it’s an annoying but uncommon occurrence, but for others dry eyes can be a difficult, ongoing issue.

If your eyes often feel dehydrated, here are a few easy ways you can combat dryness for healthy eyes.

Swap Contact Lenses for Glasses

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It’s The Dogs: US Firm Launches Protective Sunglasses For Pooches!

Cats playing the piano on the web is just so last year. How about funky sunglasses for dogs? Now we’re talking!

We all love our pets and many of us can’t get enough of pampering our beloved pooches. But for one company in the US, they have now taken their passion for dogs that one step further.

Introducing protective sunglasses for Fido or that special little Buster. These doggie goggles, or doggles, were the inspiration of a company from Wyoming. Their main benefits include protecting dogs eyes from a host of weather elements such as UV rays and dust.

Say goodbye to your doggie collars and

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7 Tips to Teach Your Kids Good Eye Care Habits

Looking after our eyes is something that should be considered from a very young age; therefore it’s essential that we teach our little ones all about the best eye care to help them develop healthy habits for the rest of their life. From our ever growing collection of prescription glasses and protective eyewear for kids, which is carefully curated by our expert buyers, to our informative blog posts, children’s eye care is something

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Google Glass 2: Without A Screen?

It seems like things on the surface are not as they appear over at Google. In spite of the tepid reception these glasses received, everything doesn’t seem all that its cracked up to be!

Since the initial product was introduced back in 2013, it has attempted to captivate audiences. Offering its slick design coupled with fast information, Google Glass provided the ability to capture hand-free images as well as bring up speedy information.

So whether you needed to to check the latest weather updates or flight times, its navigation was second to none. However, reports have surfaced about the

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Common Eye Health Problems that You Need to Know About

The key to good eye health for the whole family starts with having the right pair of prescription glasses and having good eye health education. Having something go wrong with your eyes (or your child’s eyes) can be a terrifying or worrying experience when you don’t know what the diagnosis is or what the causes are. Whilst Myopia (short-sightedness) and Presbyopia (long-sightedness) are widely understood, there are many other eye disorders and problems which aren’t.

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5 Benefits Of Buying Glasses Online

With all the information thrown at us on TV, radio and written press, there’s a minefield of data to sift through. This is exactly the same principle when it comes to buying glasses online.

Yes, we may have to bow our heads or doth our cap to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the internet, as it has benefitted us in a host of ways.  In terms of buying glasses online we can now compare prices, scan mounds of products, designers and styles at just a click of a button!

You no longer need to be short sighted about this (excuse the pun) because choosing the right type of eyewear doesn’t always

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