Eyewear Trends for Winter 2014

The fashion season of winter 2014 is nearly upon us. It is vital to be in the know with all the latest trends and eyewear fashion so you can stay ahead at the start of this season with what’s hot.

The Oversized Aviator

The classic Aviator frame shape is back and it’s hotter than ever.  For winter 2014 the Aviator has been given a makeover, the metal frames have been replaced with plastic and the shape has grown in size. This frame is great for those looking for an edgy accessory to add to their wardrobe. As the oversized Aviator is a bold statement piece, go minimal with makeup, try a pale lip and a slight b

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Stunning Special Edition Ray-Ban Frames

Ray-Ban is a classic designer brand that have been producing stunning eyewear for years. Its hard to pick which Ray-Ban frames are right for you…however these gorgeous special edition RX6295 Wayfarer frames are a great staple piece. Ray-Ban has used a brushed metal effect on these frames, giving them a classy yet industrial edge.

Click here to view this collection for yourself!

Colour 2804 Top Red on Black

The first colour option is black with a horn rimmed style of frame.

Black is a colour that will never go out of fashion, it can be paired and matched with anything and will always look smart and sophisticated. Thi

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Antares J511 Frames makes great “Eye Candy”!

The Antares Ladies’ eye-wear collection is certainly not for the Introvert.

It’s all about expressing one’s character in addition to making a bold fashion statement.

Antares prove that eye-wear doesn’t solely have to be utilized for practical purposes, but can also be used as a notable fashion piece in complimenting one’s style.

These J511 Frames come in 4 different colours

Pink, Burgundy, Orange and Brown.  The choice of colours makes a sweet, yet dynamic punch, in their overall aesthetic look.

The frames’ have a slick, concise yet unique shape, which is mildly reminiscent to 50’s Retro Chic, making it ideal for those who love to embody the more vintage look.

<span styl

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Fashion Ambassador – Sam Stanley

Official launch – ‘SelectSpecs Fashion Ambassadors’

In this feature, we will regularly show you both the trendiest and most interesting characters, that are selected by our team. The Ambassadors will get the opportunity to vote for their favourite SelectSpecs frames.

The Ambassadors will also be asked questions so that we can get to know them better!

To become an Ambassador you simply need to complete our on-line form.

This is Sam Stanley

Professional actor, singer and dancer, Sam Stanley, became the first SelectSpecs Fashion Ambassador.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with and be around this talented young man!  We spotted him by hashtagging on Instagram

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Behind The Specs

Eyewear is by all means a necessity and a frill at the same time, but when it comes to quirky facts about it, can you think of any interesting pieces of information that is worth knowing?  If you do… well, lucky you I have dug out a few interesting facts about the so-beloved spectacles.

Eyewear has undergone quite a few transformations since its inception and it’s still evolving

Back in the day, around 1000 AD, the so-called reading stone, which represented a hemispherical lens, was first used as a reading-facilitating tool. It was quite simple, if we look at it from our modern, ultra tech point of view, but it did the job. The reading stone went on to take a more sophistica

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dec 13 to aug 14 008

Nature’s Points of View

Do you know what specvis and vid have in common?

Well, they are simply Latin roots from which a number of modern English words, related to the vision and the ability to see, come from. As a matter of fact, we have words such as spectacular, vision, video (you get the picture). Another relevant example could be the verb conspicio, also Latin, which stands for catch sight of, therefore we end up having a literate word as conspicuous. But that’s enough for the language matters and origins.

Vision is vital for the survival of species, but it also helps us understand and get to kn

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How to make your White Frames Pop with Five Fabulous Pieces !

White is the new black when it comes to killer cool glasses and with so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect pair for your face shape and for your style.  White frames can be beautifully simple, fierce and edgy or just plain out there!

Whatever style frame you opt for, pairing them with some wonderfully quirky and colourful clothing will make you stand out from the crowd.

Check out my five top pieces to help you and your frames pop!

Pink and polka dots

This bright fuchsia skirt with contrasting black polka dots is a wacky way to draw attention to your glasses.

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