Child With Glasses

Parents Choose Unapproved Eye Treatments Over Children’s Specs

It appears parents are looking at other ways to enhance their kids sight rather than SelectSpecs – if you pardon the pun!

There is nothing child-like here though, as something more dangerous is going on. Unapproved treatments rather than glasses are being chosen by parents and the rate is increasing.

This is largely in part down to myopia which is on the up and up. Otherwise known as nearsightedness, this eye related disorder is far from being on the wane. Millions of kids worldwide have had to wear glasses on a permanent basis in order to improve their vision.

Yet, what is being promoted

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Safety glasses hammer lens

How to Choose the Best High Impact Lenses for You

Whether you’re buying glasses for the kids that will need to withstand some knocks on the playground, glasses for playing sports where they might take a bump, or glasses that just need to stand up to tougher than normal treatment, high impact lenses might be a good idea.

This article will explain the benefits and drawbacks of different lens types to bear in mind when making your next purchase.

CR39 Plastic Lenses

Currently CR39 is the plastic most commonly used in lenses, its name is an abbreviation of Columbia Resin 39. This particular plastic was the 39th formulation of a thermal-cured material developed

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Stay Safe on the Snow Slopes with These Goggles

Stay Safe on the Snow Slopes with These Goggles

Winter is coming! No, that’s not meant to be a Game of Thrones reference – we’re just saying that, well, winter is coming. And, with the arrival of winter, you could be keen to hit the snow slopes for some skiing or snowboarding.

However, your preparation for that should include taking account of how you will protect yourself from injury – and goggles from our stock could help here.

Winter sports safety is snow joke

Whether you’ll be honing already sophisticated skills or trying out a winter sport for the first time, now’s a good time to prepare for hitting those slopes.

After all, there’s

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Smart Contact Lenses Using Metamaterials To Change Optical Future

No dear friends, your eyes are most definitely not deceiving you, this is far from an optical illusion.

What are we actually talking about? We all know the powerful effect that wearing contact lenses has on individuals. Regular contacts are worn by millions globally where they have the opportunity to see clearer.

There are daily contacts as well as monthly ones to choose from. Whatever your lens of choice may be, you may possibly spill your solution after this latest revelation.

The Technology

Many scientists are starting to realise the potential of something which is known as metamaterials. Hold the front page

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Study Shows Link Between Macular Pigment and Alzheimer’s

A new study which was carried out for BBC’s ‘Trust Me, I’m A Doctor’ programme has found a strong link between the levels of macular pigment and Alzheimer’s disease.

This new discovery means that getting your bi-annual eye exam could help you spot the signs of early Alzheimer’s much sooner than before.

In 2014, The Journal of Alzeheimer’s Disease published a study of 36 patients with early Alzheimer’s disease as well as 33 control subjects in the same age range.

All 69 subjects were tested for levels of macular pigment using something known as the heterochromatic

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Brain Training App Claims Spectacular Move Away From Reading Glasses

When you think about some of the leading tecchie hubs in the world, you might consider Silicone Roundabout in London, or Silicon Valley in California.

But from cool California, another tech hub is emerging – Israel. That’s right folks, the land of milk and honey is where it is at right now.

At present there is plenty of dynamism and thirst for Israel’s tech startups. The scene is awash with venture capitalist sticking their two or three million shekels worth in. Israel’s worth on the stock market is estimated to be worth in excess of $40 million – oy vey.

Pioneering innovation

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Nerdwax prevents glasses slipping off

Hold on to your hats boys and girls! Set your faces to nerd alert as a new product is set to take the glasses market by storm. Even Screech from Saved By The Bell would be lining up like those crazy peeps outside Apple stores for this.

Have you ever had difficulty with your specs slipping down your face? A number of different people experience all manner of problems when it comes to positioning their glasses securely. At the end of the day, this is down to a myriad of facial factors.

Why do my glasses slip?

In the first instance, many people have as big a schnoz as Pinocchio. As a result, you can way sayonara to those

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