4 Foods to Help Improve Eye Health

Good eye health is something that should be promoted from a very early age. It’s one of the things that is often overlooked in life; yet it’s something that most of us couldn’t imagine living without. Being able to see is a precious gift, a blessing that will inevitably diminish as we grow old. So we need to do everything we can to ensure our eye health is as good as can be in the present.

Wearing polarised sunglasses all year round and using spectacles for driving / reading / using a computer goes without saying for most of us. The way we look after our eyes has improved greatly over the last decade since the internet has opened up so many resources to help us learn more. Using eye drops to prevent dryness and remembering to blink are other methods that more and more people are adopting today. But did you know that your diet could also affect the quality of your vision?

We are what we eat. And it’s no different with looking after our eye health. If you are interested in improving your eyesight, here are four foods that could help you do that.

1. Carrots


When our mums told us that carrots would make us see in the dark, they really weren’t lying. The beta-carotene found in carrots converts to vitamin A inside the body – and it’s vitamin A which helps us see more clearly in dark conditions. Vitamin A encourages production of rhodopsin, which is a purple chemical that helps our eyes establish shapes, colours and objects in the dark. So the next time you enjoy a family roast, make sure everyone eats their carrots.

2. Oily Fish


It seems that oily fish is good for just about everything. So non fish-fans may need to review their dietary habits – either that, or load up on fish oil tablets pronto! Omega 3 fats are healthy fats which are found in the retina and they are there to keep the retina healthy at all times. Conditions such as blepharitis can be relieved by Omega 3 and the fat can also help to prevent dry, itchy eyes in the winter.

3. Kale


Kale is probably one of the most popular veggies of the moment; health fanatics went mad for it last year and regular smoothie drinkers can’t imagine starting their day without their mean green power beverage. But there are more benefits to kale than meets the eye. It contains a special antioxidant which is highly effective in fighting macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in old age. So if you want to keep those peepers on top form until you’re wrinkly and grey, stock up on curly kale ASAP.

4. Brazil Nuts


All nuts and seeds are essential to having a healthy diet but when it comes to looking after our eyes, we have to turn the spotlight onto Brazil nuts. These tasty nuts, which can be consumed with cereal, sweet desserts, dipped in chocolate or just on their own, have more selenium than all other foods. Selenium helps to protect our eyes and prevent cataracts because it has the ability to produce a special antioxidant called Glutathione Peroxidase. Very clever, eh!

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