Are you a regular prescription glasses wearer? Then we bet you’ve lost your specs at least once. Go on…admit it. We’ve all done it. You take them off for a minute and the next thing you know, they’re nowhere to be seen.

Losing your glasses can be stressful and a huge waste of time, especially when you need them to see what you’re looking for in the first place. If you’re lucky, they’ll turn up eventually but if not, you’ll have no choice but to fork out for a new pair, which can be expensive.

If you’re always losing your glasses, don’t worry, it happens! But do take our tips on board and do something about it. With these five easy solutions from SelectSpecs, you’ll never be without your glasses again.

Give Your Specs a Home

If you’re guilty of putting your glasses down in the closest spot and then forgetting where you’ve placed them, one of the easiest ways to avoid losing your glasses is by changing your habits. Pick a special spot to store your glasses (it could be by your bed or on your desk) and ALWAYS put them there when you take them off. Of course, this one only works at home, but if you’re anything like us, that’s where your glasses go missing the most!

Keep Them in a Case

A case is an essential item for any glasses wearer, but is especially important if you have a habit of losing your specs. If you want to keep your hands on your latest pair, make sure you always keep them in a good quality glasses case. A case is larger than a pair of glasses which makes them harder to lose and it means that if you do misplace them for a while, there’s less chance of them getting damaged or broken.

Select Specs glasses case

Make Your Glasses Glow in the Dark

If you’re prone to putting down your glasses anywhere and everywhere, we have a solution that just might help – apply a small strip of glow-in-the-dark paint to you frames. Then, whenever you misplace your glasses, simply turn off the lights and you’ll find them in an instant. This clever trick will save you hours of searching around the house.

Use Your Phone to Find Them

Phones can do everything these days, but did you know they can even help you find your glasses? An amazing device called LOOK has been invented to help out all of us who have trouble keeping track of our eyewear. The tiny device clips onto the inside arm of any glasses or sunglasses and connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. So, if you lose your glasses you can simply track it using an app!

Attach a Lanyard to Your Glasses

Finally, it’s an old one but a good one. A glasses string or lanyard is one of the easiest ways to avoid losing your glasses. You’ll always know where they are when you take them off because they’re hanging round your neck. Glasses strings may not be the most fashionable accessory out there, but they are extremely practical. Plus, they’re available in a range of colours at SelectSpecs so you can get one to match every outfit.

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