Glasses can be a lot of things. They’re stylish. They’re sexy. They’re fashionable. And they’re chic. They can even be fun, funky, and the main feature of any outfit. But for those who have carried the burden of short sightedness and long sightedness for many years, they can be clumsy, cumbersome or just a royal pain in the backside. When they’re slipping down your face, lost amongst the junk on your desk or steaming up with condensation, wearing specs isn’t so fun. But today, we have some answers; some quick fixes that could change your life forever. Here are 7 life hacks that every glasses wearer needs to know about…

1) Use Your Glasses as a Phone Holder

Use the legs of your glasses as a holder for your smartphone when you’re at your desk at work. This way, you will always have your phone propped up conveniently for viewing whilst always knowing exactly where you have placed your specs (because we’ve all be there when we can’t find them).

2) Use Your Phone to Look for Your Glasses

If you’re hopelessly short-sighted and can’t remember where you’ve placed your specs (but you know they must be nearby) then grab your phone and use this handy trick. Use the camera on your phone to look around; you will be able to see much clearer through your phone’s camera viewfinder.

3) Use Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the park paint will save you hours and hours of searching for your specs in the dark. If you’ve ever lost your glasses in the car on a dark evening, you’ll understand the frustration of not being able to find what you’re looking for. Using a lick of glow in the dark paint on your glasses and your glasses case will solve this problem forever!

4) Use Shaving Foam on Your Lenses

A little dab of shaving foam goes a long, long way…..especially in the winter! If you love winter walks or other outdoor activities, you’ll likely have experienced condensation on your specs before. Smear a little shaving foam on your lenses and buff off with a clean cloth, leaving just a thin and transparent layer on your glasses to protect them from the temperature changes which cause them to steam up in the first place. But not to worry if you don’t have shaving foam at hand. We have more tips here on how to stop your specs from fogging!

5) Use a Flat Surface to Adjust Nose Pads

There’s nothing more annoying than lopsided glasses. But hear it from me (a fellow frustrated spectacle wearer), unless you have retinas built like a hawk’s, it’s impossible to get the perfect alignment on your nose pads just by sight alone. One trick is to lay them open on a flat surface so you can align them properly – it sounds simple but it really does the trick!

6) Create a Paper Telescope

If you need to read a noticeboard far away or you can’t quite make out the time on the wall clock and you’ve left your glasses elsewhere, grab a piece of paper for a makeshift telescope! Believe it or not, looking at something through a small hole can help make it focus more clearly. But no need to lose hope if you don’t have any paper handy – because you can recreate the same effect with your fingers. Watch this video to find out how:

7) Use Beeswax to Stop them From Slipping

Whether it’s perspiration or the oils from your skin (or just a poor fit on your frames), glasses slipping down the face isn’t a very nice feeling. In fact, it’s downright annoying and it’s an age-old problem which has haunted every man, woman and child who has ever worn prescription glasses or sunglasses. If you want to avoid this slippage, rub a little beeswax on the inside of your glasses or your nose pads and re-apply when necessary.

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  1. These are great tips. I’m definitely going to put some glow in the dark paint on my black rimless glasses which always seem to disappear into nothingness! 🙂

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