7 Simple Tips to Stop Your Glasses from Fogging Up

December is finally here. Trees are being decorated, mince pies baked, presents wrapped, wine being mulled. The air is crisp and cold and we’re all waiting with baited breath for that first flake of snow fall. Isn’t winter beautiful? It sure is and we all agree here at SelectSpecs, but for a glasses wearer the cold air can be a bit of a nightmare. There’s nothing more embarrassing than your glasses steaming up when you’re taking a romantic walk outside for a first date. And there’s nothing more frustrating than having to juggle the kids, the dog, all your shopping bags, and somehow finding a spare hand to wipe your spectacles with.

But fellow spectacle wearers, you no longer have to suffer in silence. Here are 7 simple hacks to help stop your glasses from fogging up. For good!

1) Use anti fog wipes

It’s important to keep our glasses clean and during the winter time, you may want to invest in some anti-fog lens wipes to keep them from steaming up when you’re in the middle of important tasks outside. The effect of the wipes won’t last forever but they can help to prevent a few awkward moments…

2) Use a dab of shaving foam

This is a really cool trick! If you don’t have any anti-fog sprays/wipes in the house, try using a tiny dab of shaving foam to polish your lenses with. Let it dry before buffering off the excess and this should create a clear layer over your glasses to protect from the changes of heat and cold. Some people have reported that shaving foam works much better than anti-fog products and actually lasts longer.


3) Use a bar of soap

Another great trick is to scoop a small amount of solid soap to wipe over your lenses. Let this sit for a while before buffing off with a cloth. Just like the shaving foam, this will help to build a transparent layer which protects your specs from the elements of the outdoors.

4) Choose glasses that sit far from your face

The main problem with glasses fogging up is the lack of circulation during intense hot and cold climates. Choose a pair of prescription glasses that sit far from your face to increase circulation.

5) Make them water repellent

Buy some rain repellent spray (you can find this in bike shops such as Halfords) to form a water repellent layer on your spectacle lenses – this is a really simple way of keeping them protected. These spray bottles are rather bulky though so make sure you have space to carry them (in your bag or your car) so you can keep topping up or choose one with 24 hour performance.


6) Buy anti fog glasses for sports

There really is nothing worse than glasses fogging up when you are enjoying your favourite winter sport. Not only can it obstruct your view and dampen your experience, but it can be extremely dangerous. If you are going snowboarding, skiing or cycling, make sure you browse our full range of skiing and sports goggles for high-tech lenses.

Our Adidas A127 Evil Eye Pro unisex glasses for instance, feature a special ‘Active Antifog’ layer and are suitable for various outdoor activities.

7) Consider contact lenses

Contact lenses are great for the winter time and you can avoid the fogging altogether. If you’re worried about dry eye syndrome, just be sure to carry some eye drops with you throughout the day.

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