5 Must-Have Accessories that Every Glasses Wearer Needs!

Glasses are great because they add depth to your outfit and are considered to be great fashion accessories. But they have their downsides. And boy do I know that, being a fellow glasses wearer myself. My specs seem to get mucky after just one wear and on a scale of things, that must be a good day because most of the time, I can’t even find them. So not only do I never know where I last left them but when I do, I have to clean them constantly. But don’t worry, fellow spectacle friends, I have some solutions…

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect stocking fillers for someone else, here are 5 must-have accessories that every glasses wearer needs to own.

1) Toolkit for Glasses

If you wear your glasses a lot, a toolkit is essential. This 10pc Tool Kit from Select Specs comes complete with everything you need to keep your specs in check. The different screws included will help you fix any loose or broken parts in no time and the zipper storage bag is a nice slim-line shape so it can fit in drawers or tool cupboards with ease.

2) Glasses Cleaning Kit

If you’re anything like me, your glasses probably steam up about 12 times a day and your lenses are more often than not, covered in finger marks. I’ve always been a bit of a mucky pup and my specs seem to suffer the consequences. This Optical Clean & Care Kit is exactly what I need and it makes a fantastic stocking filler pressie too.

3) Eye Glass Holders

Like most glasses wearers, I can never find my glasses. But unlike everyone else, I don’t find them on my head 15 minutes later. I might find them under the sofa, in back of my car, in the bathroom, or maybe even in the fridge – but never on my head. If you’re terrible at keeping your glasses about your person, this Supercord Lanyard (available in different colours) will make life so much easier.

4) A Hard Case

Storage is everything if you want to keep your glasses in good condition. Especially if you’ve got a penchant for designer specs and sunnies. Keep your expensive frames protected at all times and always store them in a hard case (not a pouch) if you don’t want to find them crushed to smithereens in the bottom of your bag; it’s happened before and it will happen again. The HC10 Hardcase fits most spectacle frames and comes in a choice of 4 designs.

5) Soothing Eye Mask

Eye strain, dry eye syndrome or general eye tiredness are just the woes that we must valiantly suffer as spectacle wearers (queue violins…). Yes, life is hard. But we no longer have to suffer in silence. The eyesight gods have heard our cry for help and have bestowed upon us some hot eye compress masks to ease our burdens. Phew! Get this Hot Eye Mask now and give your peepers some well-deserved relaxation. It really is a treat for sore eyes!


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