5 Ways to Care For Your Glasses

Your glasses require just as much tending loving care as the wearer. There are millions of us globally who wear glasses in every shape and size. Whether they are thin ones, round ones, horn rimmed or square, glasses are our pride and joy.

It does not matter if you have prescription glasses or a pair of Dior shades, taking care of them remains of paramount importance. After all, we have all been there when we have found a tiny scratch on the lens. On top of this, it can be even more annoying when we don’t treat our specs like a small child.

As long as you take care when it comes to your eyewear, they will be good to you. You can avoid a host of problems by following some easy to follow guidelines. In the first instance, one handy tip in taking care focuses around handling etiquette. Now this is not the 19th Century but with a delicate manner you can guarantee your specs will last a while longer.

By using not one but both hands in order to remove your glasses, it will guarantee you will not suffer from any potential damage. Before you prick your ears up with burning intensity, here’s exactly how it works.

As soon as you take off your eyewear, you can prevent the frames from bending or becoming curved. This relates to the nosepiece as well. If this is not removed from your face in the proper manner, it could spell danger in the long term.

Your brand spanking new glasses may be a thing of the past and may end up on the spectacle scrapheap. If you want a clear view, we round up the best ways of how to maintain your glasses.

5. Cleaning

It is better to be safe than sorry. To enjoy the maximum protection for your trusty specs, you should wash them with diluted soapy water. Alcohol based products may cause harm to the actual coating of the lens. It is advisable to avoid glass cleaners a lot of them can contain harmful chemicals. If there is any grime on your glasses don’t go at it like a bull in a china shop. To remove dirt, simply rub your fingers gently on your eyewear.

Meanwhile, it is essential to use a soft cloth which is ideally lint-free to dry the glasses. Optical cleaning cloths are also a great option as they will be soft on your specs. You should always hold your eyewear carefully then rinse with cold water.

This will allow any debris to wash away. Simply rub the cloth from side to side and around in order to remove any outstanding dirt. Breathe gently on to the lens so you can make sure that you’ve not missed anything and wipe away.

Some of the main items you should definitely not use on those specs include paper towels as well as dirty clothing and tissues.

4. Wear 

With the spectacular phenomenon of glasses becoming the latest must have fashion accessory, this can also lead to damaging effects. Depending on which types eyewear you possess, there are many people not to mention fashionistas who pose with their frames on their head.

This is a definite no-no and can lead to harmful effects as far as your glasses are concerned. Whether it is a matter of convenience or simply to make a statement, you could bend the eyewear. No one wants a misshaped pair of glasses.

In addition to this, oily hair or skin does not add to the overall care. Every time you are placing those specs on your temple, debris and skin oils are building up on your eyewear. Think about it. You may want to create a fashion statement or Instagram the heck out of it but stretched out earpieces and lens damage is a definite factor.

3. Avoiding heat 

Another important factor to take into consideration is the fact that you shouldn’t expose your eyewear to heat. It can damage your prized possessions as for the most part glasses are unable to withstand high temperatures.

Even leaving them in the car on a scorching day is big mistake as the intense heat can potentially cause damage to the lens. In fact, they could melt as quickly as a Mr. Whippy in August! If you want to look cool on the beach, you should take care here too. If your eyewear is either wet or become a little sandy, don’t panic yet.

Resist the temptation to use a towel as this may lead to further damage and scratches. Always take bottled water to the beach and use this if necessary to clean your lenses.

2. Inspection

Regular checkups are always a good idea with your GPs so why not with your specs? It doesn’t matter if you do it every six months, regular inspection of your glasses can avoid several issues. You should normally be checking for any signs of wear and tear. This could be a loose hinge, a scratch or a bent nosepiece.

If you see any signs of this then it is important to act quickly. Seek a visit to an optician who should be able to tighten anything. On the other hand, you might want to purchase a small screwdriver and do it yourself. Other things to look out for include alignment which can be easily detected if you hold your glasses up to a mirror.

1. Storage

Arguably one of the best ways to care for your classes is to buy a case. You don’t want to scratch your lenses unnecessarily which can be done very easily. By investing in a glasses case, you can benefit from a safe and secure storage solution for your eyewear.

It will protect your lenses from any scratches, whilst offering seamless accessibility to your eyewear. It is just as key that you place the lenses up and not down as this might increase the likelihood of lens damage. If you want the ultimate protection, check out SelectSpecs’ top picks of the best glasses cases here.

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