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Tips for Choosing a Stylish But Practical Glasses Case

Do you consider the case for your glasses to be a mere functional thing, something just for keeping your spectacles safe from inadvertent scratches and other damage? Nonsense! A glasses case can be so much more. It can, much like the rest of your attire including the specs, prove a subtle but crucial addition to your overall visual character. But you do have to choose that case wisely, and we at SelectSpecs can help you with just that.

The budget options

Spending less doesn’t have to mean making big sacrifices in either practicality or beauty. In fact, many “budget” cases can help you to look better exactly because they are subtle in appearance and, as a result, will not distract too much from other aspects of your look.

Consider, for example, the two cases pictured below, which have SelectSpecs branding and fall into two categories: hard leatherette cases, and tough cases. We would recommend the leatherette case if you want something that will look classy while you are busy working in the office, and the tough case – which is available in black or semi-transparent – if you are a more sporty type seeking more solid protection for those specs.

SelectSpecs Hard Case

SelectSpecs White Tough Case

Cases with the “wow” factor

Sometimes, though, you don’t actually want the gentle approach. Sometimes, you really want to turn heads, open people’s eyes and make these people utter: “Wow, that looks amazing!” Cases capable of provoking reactions like these certainly haven’t gone neglected with our stock. We are quite fond of these two types of cases pictured below, both made by Oakley and looking like someone could have brought them back from time-travelling to the year 3000.

Oakley Large Carbon Fibre Case

Oakley Large Metal Vault Case

For the kids

It shouldn’t be just all about you, though. What about your kids? Fortunately, we stock cases that have been created especially for little ones and include Avengers Assemble and Spider-Man branding – you can see images of those particular cases below. However, some children are keen for cases that their parents wouldn’t look unusual carrying around – and we can cater for those kids, too.

Avengers Case

Spider-Man Case

Many choices and many possibilities with stylish eyewear cases

The stock of glasses cases at SelectSpecs, just like our stock of spectacles, is large and changes regularly – so you could look at what we have to offer and, in doing so, notice many exciting cases that we haven’t mentioned. There are many more different cases and style possibilities than we have space to mention here. Oh, and you could have some unique ideas of your own that you could tell us and our readers and shoppers about. Use the comments box below to go ahead and tell!

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