how to treat blephatiris

5 Ways to Treat, Soothe and Manage Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a common condition, one which occurs with 1 in every 20 patients who complain of eye related problems at NHS GPs. This condition causes the eyelids or the corner of the eyes to become red, sore, itchy and inflamed and it can cause eyelids to stick together. Signs of Blepharitis are swelling around the eyelid area, crusty residue around the corners of the eye or on the eyelashes, and difficulty opening your eyes when you wake up. It is recommended that you visit your doctor or see an eye specialist if you are unable to manage these symptoms yourself or if you are suffering from...   read more

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encourage kids to wear glasses

Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses for the First Time

Encouraging your kids to wear glasses can be tough. Not only are they a bit of hassle, sometimes uncomfortable and yet another thing to remember to pack in the school bag every morning, but there’s a bit of a misapprehension that they might be ‘uncool’. And being ‘cool’ means everything when you’re young. But not wearing glasses when we need to can cause some serious problems; not only will it impair your child’s learning at school and make lessons more difficult, but not wearing glasses can create eye strain, eye fatigue, problems of asthenopia, double...   read more

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Taking a Dip? SelectSpecs Can Help at the Pool

3 Ways Glasses Wearers Can Still Go Swimming!

With summer obviously many months away, you’re unlikely to be heading down to the beach for a quick dip at any time soon. However, there’s still the option of regular swimming at your local pool – and here are some products we offer that could help you to prepare for a good splash there.

1. Still Use Your Glasses

If, like many people likely to be reading this, you rely on glasses to keep your vision clear, you might be wondering how you could enjoy swimming in an environment where glasses seem impractical. After all, if you did enter the pool with your glasses, couldn’t they easily fall off and...   read more

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Back to Work: The Kit that Every Glasses Wearer Needs at the Office

Being back at work in January often means playing catch up after the long break and getting back into the swing of it all. If you’re finding the back-to-the-office ritual tough to handle, the last thing you need is your glasses steaming up, going all wonky and lopsided, or causing you headaches because they don’t fit your face properly. I’m sure that all glasses wearers will be able to agree that when you’re having one of those days where everything that could go wrong does go wrong, a pair of glasses slipping down your face or breaking in the middle of an important...   read more

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7 Life Hacks That Every Glasses Wearer Needs to Know

Glasses can be a lot of things. They’re stylish. They’re sexy. They’re fashionable. And they’re chic. They can even be fun, funky, and the main feature of any outfit. But for those who have carried the burden of short sightedness and long sightedness for many years, they can be clumsy, cumbersome or just a royal pain in the backside. When they’re slipping down your face, lost amongst the junk on your desk or steaming up with condensation, wearing specs isn’t so fun. But today, we have some answers; some quick fixes that could change your life forever. Here...   read more

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