Encouraging your kids to wear glasses can be tough. Not only are they a bit of hassle, sometimes uncomfortable and yet another thing to remember to pack in the school bag every morning, but there’s a bit of a misapprehension that they might be ‘uncool’. And being ‘cool’ means everything when you’re young. But not wearing glasses when we need to can cause some serious problems; not only will it impair your child’s learning at school and make lessons more difficult, but not wearing glasses can create eye strain, eye fatigue, problems of asthenopia, double vision or blurry vision.

So in light of all the risks, how can we get our kids to wear their glasses more often? If your child has been diagnosed with short-sightedness or long-sightedness for the very first time, encouraging them to wear their glasses could be even tougher; so it’s important that we help them adjust to their new specs.

Here are 6 savvy tips to help them get used to wearing glasses for the first time…

1. Go Shopping for Glasses Together

The best way to make your child feel a part of the whole process is to make them feel included as much as possible; we would always advise that you to choose a pair of glasses together with your child and never pick for them. After all, if they don’t like their specs they will be less likely to keep them on! Making them feel involved from the start will give them a feeling of inclusiveness, and establishing what frame styles suit their face shape will guide you into selecting the perfect pair that will complement their look.

2. Check the Fit of the Glasses

It’s not unusual for prescription glasses to feel slightly uncomfortable for first time wearers – so it’s important that you check the fit of the glasses extensively upon purchase. A good optician will always ensure that the frame is correct-fitting for your child’s face before you commit to buying. However, it really shouldn’t stop there – especially as your child’s face will change and continue to grow in time – so always make time to check their fit going forward. The 10 Piece Optical Toolkit from Select Specs will give you everything you need to maintain, adjust and fix your kids’ glasses.

glasses toolkit

3. Give them People to Look Up To

If your child still isn’t convinced that glasses are cool, it could be a good idea to find some famous icons (whether it’s their favourite pop star, rapper, Hollywood actor, reality TV star, footballer, Olympic Gold winner, sports star or film/TV character). You can turn it into a game (eg: taking it in turns to name cool people in glasses) or you can turn it into something creative (eg: a collage / poster / artwork to go in their room) and let them know that there are plenty of people out there who love wearing their specs.

4. Acknowledge Voluntary Wear

Nagging can sometimes have an adverse effect when it comes to kids; so instead of yelling at them to put their glasses on, try focusing on their positive behaviour. Reward their good behaviour and always acknowledge when they voluntarily wear their glasses by themselves. They will soon start to connect wearing their specs with praise and rewards.

5. Educate Your Kids About Eye Health

It’s quite common for children to grow out of their reluctance to wear glasses so nagging won’t always be the answer. Just let them take their time in adjusting to their new look and try to educate them with all the right knowledge. Not really understanding the anatomy of the eye or the importance of eye health can deter their interest in looking after their own eyes. So be sure to talk to your children about the importance of their sight and give them gentle tips on how they can make their eyes as healthy as possible. They’ll soon come round to the idea of wearing their spectacles.

6. Give Your Child a Sense of Ownership

Responsibility and ownership can really transform a child’s interest in something; if you can make your child feel like he/she has responsibility over their own glasses, they may become more inclined to wear them with pride. Give them their own glasses case (such as this Avengers Glasses Case) and some brightly coloured accessories (such as our Multi Colour Cleaning Cloths) and let them know that they are responsible for regular cleaning and proper storage.

encourage kids to wear glasses

You can also give them ownership of this Glasses & Sunglasses Cleaning Kit from Select Specs and show them the best techniques for polishing their lenses. Doing it together will show them just how much responsibility is involved and you must remember to reward them every time they remember to do this.


By james