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Happy World Book Day! Children’s Fancy Dress Costumes with Glasses!

Happy World Book Day from Select Specs! We love World Book Day because it’s a rare opportunity to celebrate some of the best children’s literature ever written (both new and old), it’s a chance for parents to encourage reading and learning in kids, and it’s one of the only days in the year when you can really get away with saying “glasses are cool, kids”.

If you’ve been having trouble getting your little ones to wear their glasses for reading, school work, TV and other activities, now’s the time to really push the idea with them. With World Book Day fancy dress becoming such a widespread trend for schools or out of school parties and events, this is a great time to get children of all ages to put their glasses on and wear them proudly.

If you want to encourage your children to read more and wear their glasses more, here are 5 fancy dress ideas that will help you achieve both. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Take a look at our top 5 World Book Day characters who wear glasses:

1. Where’s Wally

world book day glasses fancy dress

Where’s Wally is a classic book; it’s a world famous publication that is recognised instantly by the iconic red and white outfit and the tell-tale Where’s Wally glasses. If you’re looking for the perfect World Book Day fancy dress costume, you’ll also be pleased to know that Where’s Wally is one of the easiest characters to emulate, for kids and adults alike! All you need is a striped t-shirt, a bobbly hat and some trusty specs.

2. Harry Potter

harry potter world book day

This is definitely the easiest (and cheapest) fancy dress idea for World Book Day. J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter has become one of the best selling children’s books of all time so this character is bound to be popular at school. All you need is a school uniform, a cape and some glasses. For extra Harry Potter style points, buy a cheap wand and the look will be complete. With other characters such as Hermione and Ron, this fancy dress idea isn’t limited to just Harry either. And there couldn’t be an easier way of encouraging your little monkey to wear his/her glasses for reading!

3. Clark Kent

world book day glasses fancy dress

If your kid is more interested in comics than books, perhaps Superman could be enough to persuade him into thinking that glasses are cool? For children and adults, this look is very easily achieved. All you need is a Superman t-shirt with a shirt half unbuttoned worn over it and a pair of glasses to finish it off. Don’t forget to use a tiny bit of hair gel to create that Superman hair curl either! If a superhero can’t encourage your little ones to wear their glasses then we just don’t what will!

4. Velma from Scooby Doo

world book day glasses kids

This may be recognised more as a cartoon than a book but Velma’s character in Scooby Doo is one of the most famous characters to ever wear glasses. She’s been making specs cool since the 1960s/70s and her cartoony figure is still so relevant today. If your little girl has read the Scooby Doo books which follow on from the popular TV programme, Velma fancy dress is the perfect idea; all you need is an orange jumper, some spectacles and some face paint so you can draw on some cute freckles.

5. Little Miss Whoops

world book day glasses kids

Little Miss Whoops may have looked more like her brother Mr Bump in the past but in 2008, she had a makeover and this time with a pink bow and glasses. If you don’t mind spending some time with face paints then this could be a super idea for your little girl on World Book Day – it will definitely make an impressive fancy dress outfit if you’re going to a party! All you need is some blue face paint, some pink face paint for the nose, a pink hair bow and a pair of glasses. You could even combine Little Miss Whoops 2008 with the original and add some bandages around the waist and torso area.


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