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Be Savvy in the Sun: Everything You Need to Know about UV Protection this Summer

When it comes to the sun, we have to protect everything from our skin to our hair to our eyes. Whilst UV rays can be a threat to us all year round, summer is an even more critical time to take extra care when out and about. Be sun savvy this summer and protect the whole family these 5 essentials.

Here’s a complete guide and everything you need to know about choosing the right sun protection:

1) Sun Lotions and After Sun

The first thing you need to consider for any holiday abroad is sun protection for your skin. Sun cream (or body lotion with SPF) should ideally be worn throughout the year even here in the UK but when...   read more

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Happy World Book Day! Children’s Fancy Dress Costumes with Glasses!

Happy World Book Day from Select Specs! We love World Book Day because it’s a rare opportunity to celebrate some of the best children’s literature ever written (both new and old), it’s a chance for parents to encourage reading and learning in kids, and it’s one of the only days in the year when you can really get away with saying “glasses are cool, kids”.

If you’ve been having trouble getting your little ones to wear their glasses for reading, school work, TV and other activities, now’s the time to really push the idea with them. With World Book...   read more

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Juicing for Better Health: Eyesight Improving Juices

Juicing has become a huge trend in the UK. From trying to inspire healthier eating habits in the family to encouraging weight loss with a vitamin-rich juice diet, there’s no denying that a fresh and all-natural juice every now and again (whether for meal replacement or just as a tasty snack) is good for your body and soul.

You’ll feel cleansed and refreshed from the inside out and juicing is said to give you so much more energy throughout the day; so if you suffer from fatigue, juicing will help you beat that winter malaise. But did you know that there are some juices that could...   read more

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encourage kids to wear glasses

Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses for the First Time

Encouraging your kids to wear glasses can be tough. Not only are they a bit of hassle, sometimes uncomfortable and yet another thing to remember to pack in the school bag every morning, but there’s a bit of a misapprehension that they might be ‘uncool’. And being ‘cool’ means everything when you’re young. But not wearing glasses when we need to can cause some serious problems; not only will it impair your child’s learning at school and make lessons more difficult, but not wearing glasses can create eye strain, eye fatigue, problems of asthenopia, double...   read more

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exercises for lazy eye

3 Proven Exercises for Strabismus (lazy eye)

Strabismus is a condition that can affect both children and adults and is often caused by problems with the nerves in the eye’s neuromuscular system. Sometimes referred to as “cross eyed” or “wall eyed”, this eye disorder can present itself in a number of different ways and may not always be immediately noticeable.

Strabismus defines a problem with the eyes, when they are unable to align simultaneously under normal conditions; this can affect one eye or both eyes and can be detected when the eyes are not looking in the same direction at the same time. This misalignment...   read more

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Children’s Eyesight: 4 Lunchbox Snacks to Improve Eye Health

“A carrot a day keeps the eye doctor away” – we bet you’ve never heard that one before. But actually, if you did eat a carrot a day, you probably would have superb eye health because carrots are full of Beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A that helps to keep the retina in good condition and also helps to keep eye function running smoothly. Food plays a huge part in how healthy we are from the inside out; from leafy green veggies looking after our liver function to wild berries helping to boost our serotonin levels, food can make a huge impact on the quality of...   read more

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Looking After Your Eye Health: Doing Day-to-Day Tasks

From reading and typing away on our laptops to using our mobile phones and watching TV, the things we do from day-to-day can really affect our eye health. Many of us suffer from tired eyes, dry eyes or eye strain but few of us do very much about it. In the long term, these minor symptoms and discomforts can impact on our eye health so it’s important we do everything we can to eliminate these problems.

There are safe and correct ways of conducting day-to-day things, including the distance we should be holding a book from our face and the correct lighting for close-up tasks or computer...   read more

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