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Juicing for Better Health: Eyesight Improving Juices

Juicing has become a huge trend in the UK. From trying to inspire healthier eating habits in the family to encouraging weight loss with a vitamin-rich juice diet, there’s no denying that a fresh and all-natural juice every now and again (whether for meal replacement or just as a tasty snack) is good for your body and soul.

You’ll feel cleansed and refreshed from the inside out and juicing is said to give you so much more energy throughout the day; so if you suffer from fatigue, juicing will help you beat that winter malaise. But did you know that there are some juices that could even help to boost your eye health and eyesight?

A healthy and balanced diet is a great way of ensuring better eye health for the whole family so it’s no wonder that juicing can provide us with so many natural benefits. All over the world, there are juice recipes made especially for various health reasons; such as boosting serotonin to make you happier, juices that can give you more energy for the gym, juices that help you cleanse your digestive system, or even juices to help you clear away acne and other skin problems.

And now we’re delighted to share three yummy juice recipes that could improve your eyesight and your family’s overall eye health too. Take a look at these tasty juices, which are all so easy to make!

1. The Eye Opener Juice

juice recipe for eye sight

This delicious juice is incredibly simple; the perfect get-up-and-go juice before school/work and can give the entire family a great vitamin boost using leftover ingredients in the fridge. Most of us will always have leftover carrots so this tasty carrot juice is perfect for using up what you’ve already got. Nothing in the Eye Opener Juice is exotic or hard to get hold of, so kids won’t complain and it won’t be a hassle to create. Give your carrot juice a fiery kick (plus some anti-inflammatory benefits) by adding some fresh ginger.


  • Carrot
  • Apple
  • Orange


Chop the carrot into blendable chunks (depending on the power of your juicer, you may need to chop it down quite fine or grate it with a cheese grater). Chop up the apple and don’t throw away the skin and then juice one orange. Blend all the ingredients together.

2. The Waist Friendly Green Juice

juice recipe for eye sight

If you’re trying to watch your waist as well as improve your eyesight, a typical green juice is ideal as a breakfast drink or as a midday snack. With reduced sugar and bursting with antioxidants which can fight macular degeneration, leafy greens are a healthy all-rounder.


  • Green apple
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Squeeze of lime


Chop up the celery, apple and cucumber. Tear and rip the spinach leaves and kale leaves into blend-friendly pieces. Blitz all ingredients together and add a squeeze of fresh lime to taste. To add an extra punch to awaken your senses in the morning, add a little bit of lime zest or maybe a sprig of mint.

3. Tasty Berry Smoothie

juice recipe for eye sight

Not only can berries such as blueberries and raspberries help to boost your mood (great as a pre-gym drink), but they are full of vitamin C which can help to reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. If you have a sweet tooth, a berry smoothie can also make a wonderful after-dinner dessert. A healthy way to keep the kids happy – you can make it even more of a treat by adding shavings of dark chocolate on top!


  • Fresh blackberries
  • Fresh redcurrents
  • Frozen summer berries
  • Almond milk
  • Grated dark chocolate


Blitz all the berries in your juicer with a small amount of almond milk (or another healthy milk substitute) and slowly add more liquid to your liking. If you want an extra thick smoothie, add a few chunks of banana to create that creamy ice-cream/yoghurt texture that kids will love. Add grated dark chocolate as a topping.

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