They dry air in winter can play havoc with our skin, hair and nails. It can give us headaches and can even be a nasty trigger for asthma attacks. If you suffer from colds or chesty coughs, the dry air can turn symptoms much worse. And for those who suffer from vision problems, the low humidity can even cause dry eye syndrome and in more extreme cases, blurry vision!

So all in all, we’re not fans of the dry atmosphere brought on by the cooler weather. One way to solve this problem in the home is to use a humidifier. But these machines don’t come cheap and they’re not exactly efficient to run either. So we’ve come up with 7 hacks to humidify your home for free. Because a well-balanced atmosphere will help to keep our eyes in check and look after our vision this winter.

Here are 7 cheap, easy and natural ways of humidifying your house without a humidifying machine.

1. Wet Clothing

Throwing your clothes in the dryer or letting them air outside during the daytime might seem like a good space-saving idea but an indoor clothes rack could help you re-balance those moisture levels when the dry winter air hits. Hanging wet clothing inside the home will allow for natural evaporation, keeping the air humid.


2. House Plants

Is there anything more organic than a house plant? If you look after your plants, they’ll look after you. Not only does their natural release of moisture keep the air regulated throughout the day, but plants can also purify the air, improving the general health of the whole family. Some of the best plants for purifying the air include the Spider Plant, Dracaenas, the Weeping Fig, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Aloe Vera and Bamboo Palm.

3. Hot Showers

The extractor fan is essential for preventing too much humidity and mould build-up but in winter, humidity isn’t a bad thing. Let your bathroom/shower rooms air out naturally by leaving the door wide open and let the moisture circulate around the rest of the house before turning on the fan. It’s a great way of recyling energy in the home and will save you so much money instead of buying a humidifier.


4. Stove Top Cooking

Say no to oven meals and don’t be tempted by takeaways. Stove top cooking is the answer if you want to naturally humidify your home. Whether you’re boiling eggs or veggies, let the natural steam circulate around the house and leave the extractor off.

5. Standing Water

Place a bowl or pan or water near a heat source (such as your log fire or radiator) for natural evaporation. When the air is dry, it naturally evaporates the water around you and this can include from our skin and our eyes, causing dryness and irritation.


6. Turn Down the Heat

Artificial heat can be a bummer. It’s no good for hair and skin, and it can be a nightmare for our eyes too! So wrap up warm in your favourite onesie or blanket and turn the heat down on the Thermostat.

7. Indoor Water Features

If you’re open to art and sculpture, perhaps a water feature could be the perfect way to combine art and health? Water features not only instill a sense of calm into the home, but they are natural humidifiers too and can be used all year round.



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By james