Anyone for Tennis?

Tennis Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere (if the calendar is to be believed), and the public tennis courts are crowded with budding Tim Henman’s (or should that be Andy Murray’s?) across the UK after the annual Strawberries & Cream fest that is Wimbledon.  And what a year it was, some even going as far as to say it was the greatest final ever!  Personally I haven’t lived that long to make such a claim myself but we can all agree that on the whole it was brilliant. And for us folks in the UK, we did in fact have something to cheer about this year as young British rising star Laura Robson went through to actually win the Girls Title on Court 1, turning her into a national hero, literally overnight. So anyway, for all you future Rafa Nadal’s and Roger Federer’s out there, Bolle Eyewear has something for you in their Sunglasses range. When selecting one of Bolle’s many sporting sunglasses look out for frames that feature Bolle’s own Competivision Lens Technology.  The Tennis Lens is a high-contrast teal-tinted lens that mutes all colours except for optic yellow, so the tennis ball stands out. Bolle’s Competivision Gun lens features a flash metallic silver mirror and cuts the harsh glare on the court in bright light conditions.  Using smash-proof polycarbonate, Competivision lenses also guard against impact.

“Many professional tennis players have sustained considerable eye damage after years of playing competitive tennis without eye protection.  With Competivision, players don’t compromise on vision or protection, they see better and are protected from the sun”. (Bolle, cited by Optician, 11/07/2008)

Remember, you only have one set of eyes, so why put them at risk when you’re out there on the practice courts? When browsing our range of Bolle Sunglasses on be sure to look for Competivision or Competivision Gun in the colour options available for each frame.  We have recently expanded our Bolle Sunglasses collection so we hope you’ll find what you are looking for, whether you’re an amature or professional sports person or just need something for the beach this summer. Bolle – WARRANT Sunglasses with Competivision Gun + Polarized Lenses

Bolle Warrant Designer Sunglasses with Competivision Gun Lenses

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