Cheryl Cole wears Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses @ The Brits 2010

cheryl cole aviator sunglasses

Cheryl Cole, one of the girls from the successful girl group Girls Aloud,  took to the stage last night to perform 2009s 4th best selling single and Brit nominated “Fight For This Love” at the 2010 Brit Awards wearing the Ray-Ban 3026 Aviator Sunglasses in ‘L2846 Arista’.

I deliberately used the word ‘perform‘ in place of ‘sing‘ as it was quite possibly one of the worse cases of miming I’ve ever witnessed, and for someone that sits amongst a panel of judges and criticises the singing performance of others on that talent show “Who wants to be a manufactured Pop-star” (aka as X-Factor/ Pop Idol / Popstars / Fame Academy / Britain’s Got Talent – aren’t they all the same thing made to line the pockets of the record labels?), I really find this kind of thing totally unacceptable especially from someone that has been performing for many years in a successful girl group.

cheryl cole aviator sunglasses

Separated at Birth

Perhaps this was a deliberate attempt by Cheryl, but we couldn’t help but notice an incredible likeness to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, what do you think?

cheryl cole michael jackson seperated at birth

If you missed Cheryl and her “How to mime badly for when you become a pop-star” tutorial we’ve found the video on YouTube for your entertainment.

Video removed.

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