Cool Cases for your Designer Glasses, Sunglasses and Spectacles!

Every day we receive deliveries of various designer glasses and sunglasses with their respective protective cases from our suppliers to fulfill all our orders.  This means we get to see some of the work that has gone into creating the different frame styles and protective cases created by the designers.  In the past few weeks I’ve been looking at the different styles of cases available from various designers and have to say that some designers really put as much thought into the cases as they do their glasses!  Here are a few of our favorites…

Dolce & Gabbana

More form over function with the Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses case, certainly not a practical design but does relay their luxurious brand rather well.  The Dolce & Gabbana case makes some effort to mimic or at least resemble a ladies handbag, albeit in miniature.  Although having said that, there is nothing miniature about this case as far as cases for glasses go.  This case is not exactly pocket sized, but it does say something for the quality of the brand.  The magnetic latch snaps shut in a satisfying manor and the diamonds that make up the logo will certainly prove to be the centre-point of conversation amongst your lady friends. Opening the case reveals a cavernous space to store your nice new prescription glasses or sunglasses with room left over for cleaning cloths and plenty of fresh air too. Gentlemen shouldn’t worry about the feminine nature of this Dolce & Gabbana case since men’s frames are usually provided in cases that are somewhat more practical in nature. Dolce & Gabbana


This case from Lacoste screams Wimbledon Tennis and Strawberries & Cream!  This hard, square shaped quality-built case is sure to protect your eyewear when not in use and proves quite practical for everyday use. Lacoste Glasses


There’s nothing too fancy about this Ferrari Sunglasses case, however, they have taken their trademark ‘red’ colour and applied it to their cases.  A closer look at the texture and stitching on this case reminds me of the honeycombe effect seen in carbon-fibre – the ultra-tuff, ultra-light material used to manufacture racecars today.  All it needs are some white ‘go faster’ Challenge Stradale stripes to finish the design off nicely… Ferrari Glasses Case


A unique and somewhat clever design that clearly takes some design elements from their swimwear products.  See how this case actually resembles a woman’s swimsuit.  This sporty, plasic heavy-duty case features a rubbery finish sure to protect your frames from the odd bump or two.  I haven’t tested the theory but I would not mind betting that this case would not only be waterproof but would also float if you somehow decided to go swimming and forgot to take it out of your swimming shorts pocket.

Speedo Cases


This case has a somewhat rugged feel to it and the colouring makes me think of wide open country/mountainous spaces associated with the Timberland brand.  The case also has a suede like texture which some may find weird to touch (in a ‘scraping nails down a black board’ type way). Timberland Case


Persol seem to like using leather in many of their cases, lovely. Persol Glasses Case Persol Glasses Case

Alexander McQueen & Just Cavalli

These designers like to use seriously durable hard cases, and they’re shiny! Alexander McQueen / Just Cavalli

While many of these cases are designed to keep your glasses and sunglasses protected and scratch free, its true that some cases provided by some of the top designers are probably not that practical to carry around everyday or throw into the glove-box of your car.  Some would go as far as to say they are merely packaging to ‘add value’ to the product.  Nevertheless there are certainly some cool designs available. If you need something light to just slip your glasses into when leaving them in the car or some other safe place, why not try our Micro-Fibre Case/Cleaning Cloth.  It may not prevent your glasses from being crushed should you run them over with the car (yes, this really happened), but at least it will prevent your lenses from getting scratched against your keys in your bag.

SelectSpecs Micro-Fibre Case/Cleaning Cloth


Found any interesting case designs lately? why not tell us about them. (Note: Cases displayed may differ from product to product)

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