Courteney Cox Sexy Specs in Scream 4

Courtney Cox Sexy Glasses in Scream 4 - SelectSpecs

I finally got round to watching my Blu-Ray copy of Scre4m the other night, having picked it up during the Halloween weekend.  The fun and games of Halloween may have been and gone, but there’s always time for a scary movie in my book.

I couldn’t watch this movie and let this little blog post slip; its part of our passion for fashion eyewear that every time we watch a movie, we just can’t ignore a good bit of glasses appreciation, especially when it comes to the Geek Chic look on someone as hot as Courteney Cox.

The Friends and Cougar Town star reprises her role as reporter-come-author Gale Weathers-Riley in the fourth Scream movie, 15 years after the original and looks as sexy as ever in her geeky Wayfarer style glasses, despite the fact that she’s now into her mid-40’s.

Courtney Cox Sexy Specs in Scream 4

Courteney Cox apparently sports the geek chic look in her everyday life too, here she’s seen enjoying an LA Lakers game in her Ray-Ban Wayfarer style prescription glasses.

Courtney Cox - Geeky Ray-Ban Wayfarer Style Glasses - SelectSpecs

If you’re after the Courteney Cox look too, why not try these glasses: –

Ray-Ban Prescription Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Prescription Wayfarer Glasses

The official Ray-Ban Wayfarers are the style that everyone else tries to copy.  Well built, tough frames that never go out of fashion.

Wayfarer Style glasses on a Budget

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If you’re on a very tight budget, try the Savannah 2249 available from just £6 and yes, that does include prescription lenses with all the coatings.

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Or try one of our best selling wayfarer styled frames, the SS Collection 92002b.

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So what about the movie?

The movie was good fun, its so great to get all the surviving cast back together again, lets face it, the original was a groundbreaking genre defining moment in cinema that revived the whole horror movement, which was pretty much dead and buried at the time.  In truth though, horror is such a hard thing to pull off well, and after the first movie in any series, its hard to keep generating the same kind of shocks with each successive movie.  Scream 4 ends up being an entertaining popcorn thriller (in my view), yes it’s clichéd, but fans of the series will love it.

See the trailer for Scream 4 below: –

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