Even Justin Timberlake needs to wear Glasses

That’s right, even stardom and celebrity status doesn’t stop the fact that your vision deteriorates over time!  This week Justin Timberlake revealed, after being spotted wearing glasses recently, that his glasses are not just worn as a fashion accessory but as a necessity for his poor eyesight.  Whilst on the US late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Justin said to Jimmy “I can see you, but I can’t see any of you (the audience)”.  Justin Timberlake says that he is short sighted (Myopia) but has embraced wearing his glasses.

justin timberlake glasses

To give you an idea of what the world might look like to the Short Sighted Justin Timberlake, here’s an example image:


Image courtesy of Essilor

Looking for Glasses like Justin Timberlake?

jjustin timberlake and jessica biel

Justin Timberlake, also famous for dating Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz, seen here with girlfriend Jessica Biel is wearing plastic framed spectacles with a slight curve to the frame.  Unfortunately we are unsure of what designer these glasses are by, however, we have found a selection of similar looking frames you may like to try.


Prada – Prada Prescription Glasses, VPR19L
Polo Ralph Lauren Glasses

Polo Ralph Lauren – Polo Ralph Lauren Prescription Glasses, POLO 2005

If you happen to know what glasses Justin is wearing, please leave a comment so we can point our customers in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “Even Justin Timberlake needs to wear Glasses

  1. Its a relief to know that he actually has a medical reason to wear the glasses.  I thought he was trying to be a prick and imitate Woody Allen just because he's been in a few (not very good) movies recently… he's become quite arrogant…

  2. Just read how Justin hasn’t spoken to Brit in over a decade… Personally, I think Justin and Britney would make some great music together. They should collaborate and make the greatest selling album of all time.

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