Five Star Wars Characters Who Need Glasses #StarWarsDay

The Stormtrooper with poor height perception

Yep, we all know and kind of love this guy. We bet you’ve at least once sat down to watch ‘A New Hope’ and pointed this clanger out to your friends/family/pets. It’s a classic and fully unintended moment in the legendary original Holy Trinity of Star Wars movies.

Enjoy it in repeated and slo-mo glory by watching the video below:


Those totally were the droids you were looking for

It appears Stormtroopers, as a species, need to come to us to get their eyes checked.

While you watch this scene, bear in mind just one Stormtrooper is subjected to Obi Wan’s mind trickery – there are four other Stormtroopers, who are not under old Ben’s Jedi influence, and they are just staring right at R2-D2 and C3PO!

How can they not know! Did they not get the memo from Darth?

Skip to 3:10 in the video below to see what we mean


History altering command decision

Now we all know that there is one pivotal character in the Star Wars universe who, thanks to immensely bad command decisions and possibly just a touch of short-sightedness, failed to shoot down a rogue escape pod.

This single act lead to the eventual downfall of the Imperial Empire.

Shaun of the Dead actor Simon Pegg explains the repercussions of this decision beautifully in a scene from the excellent British sitcom ‘Spaced’ here, but just to prove the point of what Star Wars could have been here’s a little video:


Death Star MK:2 – Repeat Design Flaw.

The Imperial Empire clearly had a pretty huge budget to play around with. I mean not only did they have a massive fleet of Star Destroyers, TIE Fighters, Interceptors and Bombers, AT-AT and AT-ST walkers, and a seemingly endless supply of Troopers and British Military Commanding Officers (why the abundance of British accents for the bad guys Mr Lucas?), but they also had the budget to make two, count ‘em TWO Death Stars.
Why then, did they not spend a bit more money on their recruitment of Death Star architects? They obviously employed the same guy – twice, and clearly he did not learn from his mistake of building in an exhaust vent with ample clearance room for an X-wing, A-Wing , the kick-ass Millennium Falcon and 6 Imperial TIE Fighters and Bombers! Did that guy need glasses? Yes. Yes he did.


The Worst Character Decision of All Time

This technically isn’t attributed to a Star Wars character needing glasses, but instead is us venting our annoyance at a certain Mr George Lucas for inflicting Jar Jar Binks upon the world, in not one, not two, but THREE movies.  

Seriously George, we know you wear glasses but we think you need your prescription checking if you seriously watched The Phantom Menace and thought “You know what episodes two and three need? More of that Jar Jar guy!”

For all of you who can bear to watch it, here’s a reminder of why Jar Jar is the most loathed character in the entire universe.


So there you have it Star Wars fans. Our top 5 characters (and director) who need glasses. We hope you enjoyed reading (and watching) this.

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May the Force be with you.