Four Trends in Celebrity Eyewear

1. Frames Are Shrinking

Remember looking at Nicole Richie a few years ago and wondering if her head might just turn into a giant pair of sunglasses? (It came pretty close.)

Nicole Richie in Oversized Prada Sunglasses

Well, it looks like that trend is finally reversing itself, as we’ve begun noticing smaller and smaller frames on our favorite celebs’ faces. Even Nicole looks to have moved past her giant-sunglasses phase and has recently been seen with more modest shades.

Nicole Richie in Wayfarer Style Sunglasses

It looks like giant frames may be a thing of the past, although we’re not quite ready to call it yet. A trend that big (get it?) doesn’t go away quietly.

2. The Return of the Horn-Rim

One trend we know is officially on, is the return of horn-rim glasses. These frames, first made popular in the ’60’s are popping up everywhere. Men, women, athletes, actors – you can’t look anywhere without seeing a pair.

Horn-Rimmed Glasses - Alicia Keys, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston

Our prediction for 2012 is that we’ll see a greater variety of styles. Right now, horn-rimmed glasses mostly come in black and tortoise, and are generally a standard size. But soon, we bet they’ll come in all kinds of colors and sizes as designers push the envelope.

3. Aviators Remain Cool

The undeniable cool of the aviator is one of the few constants in American fashion. Made iconic in Top Gun, and still stylish nearly 30 years later, the aviator has proven its staying power. Modern-day celebs love them. Mila Kunis’ style sense dictates almost non-stop wear, in fact. She even wears them to the gym!

Mila Kunis leaving the gym in Aviator Sunglasses

4. Colors Are In

Finally, as foreshadowed earlier, we think color sunglasses are bound to take a big leap in popularity in 2012. Red, blue, yellow – celebs aren’t ones to be bashful! And they can only wear those black and tortoise shades for so long before they feel the urge to become more adventurous.

Colorful Sunglasses worn by various celebrities

So there you have it, four big trends in eyewear. Are your eyes ready?

Briana Michelle is a writer for Worn This Week, a celebrity fashion site that shows you what the celebs were wearing and where you can get it.


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