Want to get involved in how SelectSpecs.com develop their website?  Well here’s your chance to put your comments forward on our new Prescription and Lens Options system, read on… We have been having a bit of a debate here over the past few months about how we can develop our Prescription and Lens Options system to make the process of buying prescription glasses easier for our customers.  General consensus is that we want to move away from the single page format we currently use to a more user friendly (and informative) step-by-step design.  Here are our thoughts on the 2 different formats:

Current:- Everything on one page

Current Prescription Page This is the current format we use for allowing customers to choose lens options and then enter prescription details.  Although the page in general is clear if you know what you are looking for or have previous experience in buying prescription glasses, we feel the process could be easier and clearer for those new to prescription glasses or are perhaps less experienced with using computers.  If you have not seen our current prescription and lens options system, take a look at our Reglaze Glasses page for an example of the single page format. Positives + Lens options and prescription form is on one page + Prices displayed immediately and reflect different lens option choices + Quick and easy for experienced customers Negatives Not as clear May prove daunting to those new to glasses / inexperienced computer users due to amount of information displayed on a single page Help & Information is in ‘pop ups’ rather than always displayed on page No clear breakdown of the product being ordered

Proposed:- Step by Step

This is the proposed new format for allowing customers to choose lens options and enter prescription details.  This process we think would make the whole process of buying prescription glasses online a much simpler process that’s less daunting to all our customers.  While we realise the current format of displaying lens options on one page is good for showing our great prices ‘at a glance’, we want to ensure that our new step-by-step system will continue to build on this feature so our great prices are never hard to find! Positives + Clear and Concise + Simple to understand and follow – Help on the page rather than in pop ups + Each individual category of options (such as lens thickness or coatings) will have its own page + Clear breakdown of the product being ordered including pricing Negatives Process may be more time consuming for experienced customers An example of the Step-by-Step process may look a little like this:- Step by Step So if you have any comments regarding this development we would really love to from you as it will help us to improve our Prescription and Lens Option pages effectively to meet our customers needs.  Please leave any comments below and we’ll put your views forward as part of the development process.

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7 thoughts on “Have Your Say: Prescription and Lens Option Selection”
  1. I think the step by step process is easier to follow, however would be good to see pricing options listed elsewhere so that you do not need to go through the process to see lense costs.

    If the was a way to record your prescription within your account then it could be selected during the process effectively removing a step. Also, it would be good if you could track orders within your account, even if it just contains the same information that is sent out in emails.

    I received my first ever pair of glasses from you last week and I am extremely impressed with your service and your professional attitude to a minor hiccup on the order.


  2. Being able to store current prescription in account.
    Also to take NHS vouchers as more people who eligable for them since losing jobs, etc..

  3. Love the idea, would really like to be able to enter my prescrption up front and really get much more detail on what lens to choose

  4. Thank you for your comments, all useful! 🙂

    With regards to order tracking, this is something we’re currently working on at the moment as part of a detailed online Customer Accounts system – this will also include functionality to store and re-use prescriptions once our new lens options and prescription system is in place.

  5. Hi,

    Having the possibility to track the order’s progress (e.g. Order received, Order being manufactured, Order dispatched….), would be fab, once you have placed on order with Selectspecs.com.

  6. I like the one page set up. When my sight was affected by cataracts, the biggest bug bear of ordering anything online was the need to keep going through numerous pages in step by step ordering.

    It’s actually helpful to see on one page how the total cost alters through the options selected and this makes alterations to choices easier.

    Most people seem to be asking for a tracking of order facility, rather than making the order page idiot proof. Perhaps most of us manage fine with the one page system?

  7. I prefer a single page option to a multi step one. However, the single page option would be even better if you could update the price as you add options and have that price be immediately visible (i.e. right next to the options you are selecting,) vs. having to move down to the bottom of the page.

    I agree with the others that the option to provide and store my prescription would be helpful. Also, it would be helpful to add both a near PD and a Distance PD vs. the single PD currently made available. You also could provide a place for the mono PD by eye

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