How to pick the Perfect Sunglasses


While scouring the internet I found an article from The Telegraph website interviewing the co-founder of the eyewear brand Fabris Lane, Rod Lane, looking at how to choose the perfect sunglasses.  Here are a few snippets from the article:

Express yourself Unlike optical glasses that you wear all day, you have space to play with sunglasses. They’re more of an accessory. You can wear them for many reasons – to add style to your look or just to hide behind”

Know the face-shape rules If you have a round face you shouldn’t wear anything too round unless you want to look like Billy Bunter – a Jackie O shape or a John Lennon style should be avoided. Rectangular frames can make your face look thinner. A long face can be shortened with a wide frame and an angular face suits rounder glasses because they will soften your look. A butterfly frame – where the shape goes up at the sides – is almost universally flattering and will suit most women’s faces”

Sunglasses can speak volumes about you If you’re shy and retiring, stick to smaller, oval shapes. They don’t shout too loud. A Wayfarer is always fashionable but, if you’re feeling bold, one with a twist, such as an unusual colour, will draw attention. We have some customers who build a wardrobe of sunglasses and buy two or three pairs a season”

Bright colours aren’t for everyone We do a lot of tonal colours – tortoiseshell and browns – because the typical English complexion looks drained in brights. You really need a Mediterranean look to carry them off”

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