Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Ladies (and adventurous gentlemen), you have probably noticed by now that eye makeup becomes much more difficult when glasses are in play. Eyes can become dwarfed behind stylish frames, but we still want the best of both worlds – gorgeous frames and gorgeous eyes.

Here are some tips to help your eyes stand out, even when they are behind the glass.

First: the concealor

Glasses can cast shadows on your face, so it’s important to minimize your chance of “dark circles.” Use a concealor that is a shade lighter than your foundation, and blend it all over your eye area, under your eyes and on your eyelids. This creates an even-toned palette to work with, and the concealor can act as a primer for eye shadow.

Second: eyebrows

If you already have well-defined eyebrows, you can skip this step, but if not, you may want to use an eyebrow liner to fill in your brows. Remember that your glasses will call attention to your eyebrows, so they should be perfect. If you hold a pencil up to the side of your nose, you will see the point where your brows should start – where the pencil lines up with your brow line. Then turn the pencil so that is lines up with the side of your nose and the corner of your eye. Where the pencil meets your eyebrow – that is the spot to end your brow definition. (This may sound overwhelming, especially where tweezers are involved. There’s no shame in consulting a cosmetologist.)

Next: the highlighter

You can use a specific highlighter product, but any light-colored eye shadow will do. Light colors will cause your eyes to “pop” – in a good way. Put the highlighter on your lid, and under your brow bone. Many people think that the highlighter doesn’t “show up much” behind the glasses, so they skip it, but it is one of the best things you can do for your eyes. A light-colored eye shadow under the brow will truly illuminate your eyes. In comparison, the rest of the color is unimportant. If you do nothing else, use a highlighter.


Eye-liner is also important. Use eyeliner to create definition around your eyes. You can experiment with this and see how much or how little you want to use. Obviously, the more you use, the more dramatic the effect.

False eyelashes (optional)

False Eyelashes are totally optional. They do create a dramatic look, but might be too time-consuming for your everyday routine. However, you might want to avoid mascara on your bottom lashes, as this can contribute to dark circles. Also, be sure that your mascara is completely dry before putting your glasses on, so that it does not smudge onto your lenses.

You do have a lot of options, so feel free to experiment and see what works for you. Just know that with the right eye makeup application, you don’t have to worry about your glasses dwarfing anything!

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Robin Merrill

Robin Merrill is a freelance writer, editor, and performance poet from Maine.

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