Ditch the Contacts, Don the Frames

A friend took a picture of me last week wearing my glasses, and I must admit I recoiled at the sight! No make-up, hair a mess, the glasses weren’t even straight; but the thought occurred to me that this is how I present myself far too often. After speaking to numerous friends around the 16-24years age group, it seems apparent that wearing glasses still has a old-fashioned stigma of geeky hideousness – glasses do no equal glamorous, and contact lenses are a miraculous saviour of the short-sighted. But this has all changed, and it’s time everyone knew about it!

Not to sound a hypocrite of course; I am seldom seen without lenses in. However, after a few too many warnings from my optician (talks of dry eyes, conjunctivitis and blurred vision to name a few), I decided to give my glasses a second chance. Usually, wearing glasses would give my face a sort of cover, or shield – I didn’t need to make an effort, because nobody could see my face?! Oh how wrong I was; and how terrible I looked! Just a touch of foundation, and a little mascara later, and the glasses looked pretty damn snazzy! Venturing out, I received compliments and praise from friends suggesting I ditch the lenses more often.

So then I got to thinking – if glasses haven’t increased in credibility, why have celebrities (and hoards of trend-followers) been sporting the Ray-Ban style glasses without a prescription? High street stores constantly stock the frames and, from my perception, the people wearing them are the same people who would tease me as a child for wearing them with a purpose. 

Now that times have moved on, and there’s no fear of rejection, what reason is there not to sport the specs?! Have a quick Google of Hilary Duff or Johnny Depp wearing glasses, and you’ll see what I mean – they look amazing, maybe even better than with contact lenses. I’m not saying give up contacts completely, I’m just saying why not give your eyes (and wallets) a break once in a while, and keep your look fresh? I’ve just ordered my real Ray-Bans, and can’t wait to team them with pretty much everything I wear!


Amie Box is a student Journalist traipsing around London – writing words on anything the city throws at her.


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One thought on “Ditch the Contacts, Don the Frames

  1.   I find that women who ware glasses are very sexy looking. Especially women who ware librarian conservative closes.
      A conservative looking woman waring glasses is one of the most attractive looking women I've ever seen. Don't think that a women waring glasses is geeky looking and unattractive. On the contrary they look very becoming.
    Jack k, Andrews

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