Maneater Jennifer Aniston wears Oakley Glasses in Horrible Bosses


Have you ever wanted to kill your boss?  Probably everyone has had a job at some point in their life working for the boss from Hell.  Or maybe ‘you’ are the boss that everyone secretly wants to beat down?  Of course, I can’t complain about my boss, he is my brother after all and I love him… no really.

Horrible Bosses is the new film about three friends played by Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis who conspire to murder their ‘horrible bosses’.  The trailer for the movie (below) looks very promising and it looks set to be, possibly the comedy of the year.

But I’ve got to say, based on the trailer for the film, if Jennifer Aniston was my boss, the last thing I’d want to do is kill her!  Just saying… Watch the trailer below!


We grabbed these screens from the movie of the lovely Jennifer Aniston who seems to be wearing Oakley Glasses as protective eyewear as she performs her dentist duties, as well as taking the time to sexually harass her staff and patients.

The glasses Jennifer Aniston seems to be wearing appear to come from the Oakley Radar family of sunglasses, with the straight stem arms and probably the Radar Path style transparent lenses.


It is likely that the glasses featured in the movie are a custom design made for the movie, but you can pick up other variations of the frame in different colours and tints on our site here.

Radar Custom - Orange - Dark Lenses - SelectSpecs

Other similar style glasses can be found in the Oakley Women’s collection, such as the various Enduring sunglasses models.

Make sure you check out the movie trailer here, and look out for a balding Colin Farrell too.  We can’t wait for this one: –

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