Oakley “DUCATI Signature Series” Sunglasses

ducati oakley sunglasses

Are you a fan of the Ducati brand? If so you may be interested to know that Oakley are now offering a range of Ducati Signature Series sunglasses…

Ducati Signature Series Sunglasses: Full Speed/Style Ahead
Going fast gets us going. The world’s best optics collide with a heavy dose of Italian seasoning for performance that presses the realm of reason. Racing-inspired style hugs Oakley engineering like a Ducati bike through a gravity-defying turn. It’s technical elegance combined with outspoken style. And it’ll have you seeing red.”

This range includes the following models…


Ducati JupiterFrame: Matte Black / Lens: Black Iridium
“Original style isn’t dead but it’s practically got cops drawing chalk lines around it. When was the last time you found shades that dialed in something real without flash or show? All it takes is some clean lines, a few angles with attitude and a whole lot of technology. Introducing OAKLEY JUPITER®, a pure approach to original style. This is how we spell authenticity. No exclamation point needed – just a smooth look with icon accents, sculptural detailing and metal bands for an assertive edge.”


Ducati Scalpel Casey Stoner EditionFrame: Polished Black / Lens: Black Iridium
“He was born into a bike-mad family and worked his way up from Australian dirt riding to the 2007 MotoGP World Champion trophy. Casey Stoner pilots a precision engineered Ducati motorcycle, and we’re honoring the rider and his machine with this special edition of Oakley SCALPEL™. Along with the metal icons, the UNOBTAINIUM® components on the stems of this Polished Black frame are rendered in Ducati red, and “Stoner 27” is laser etched near the bottom of the lens. We picked Black IRIDIUM® lenses for this Signature Series rendition. You’ll have crisp vision with reduced glare and truer color recognition.”


Ducati JulietFrame: Carbon / Lens: Black Iridium
“They build the machines that dominate the World Superbike Championship. When they choose sunglasses, this is their idea of technology accelerated. It’s the Ducati JULIET®, a 25-piece blend of X METAL® and art. Styled with Ducati colors and signed with a laser-etched script logo, it offers the unbeatable clarity and protection of Oakley’s HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS&Reg; (HDO&Reg;). The sculptural metal frame optimizes comfort by combining a lightweight titanium alloy with adaptable architecture.”


Ducati HijinxFrame: Polished Black / Lens: Black Iridium
“It’s the aroma of scorched pavement and the octane scream of 200 track-hungry horses that remind the world who dominates superbike racing. Aggressive technology is the lifeblood of Ducati, and that’s why the outspoken styling of Oakley HIJINX sunglasses is a perfect match for the hallmark of Italian engineering. This special edition comes with metal icons in signature Ducati red plus an insignia inside the earstem, and the Ducati logo is laser etched into the lens.


Ducati GascanFrame: Matte Black / Lens: Black Iridium
“With the sharpest optics on the planet, the only blur we respect is the smear of light that trails the fastest bikes on the track. It’s a flash of Ducati red that can now be seen with the best eyewear in the industry, like this edition of GASCAN® with red metal icons. It salutes the velocity of Italian engineering with a laser etched Ducati logo and a Ducati Corse emblem inside the stem.”


Ducati Monster DogFrame: Polished Black / Lens: Black Iridium
“One of the largest eyewear frames ever made by Oakley, it’s a perfect match for Ducati’s lineage of aggressive design. Signed by the logo found on some of the world’s fastest motorcycles, these sunglasses combine pure PLUTONITE® lens material with the unbeatable performance of Oakley’s HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS&Reg; (HDO&Reg;). Patented technologies maintain clarity at all angles of vision, even at the sides of lens contours that extend peripheral view. The frame is digitally sculptured from lightweight O MATTER® and authenticated with true metal icons in Ducati red.


Ducati Fives SquaredFrame: Matte Black / Lens: Black Iridium
“If you ever have the honor of meeting racers who unleash the clockwork thunder of Ducati bike technology, you’ll notice something different about them: The world doesn’t fit them. Speed limits are too slow. Gravity and G-forces are too restrictive. And for some, sunglasses don’t feel right. This special edition of FIVES SQUARED is the answer. Part of the Ducati Signature Series, it is made with tapered architecture for those who find that ordinary frames stick out too far at the sides. The colors of Ducati highlight a design with attitude that refuses to get in line, obey limits or follow anyone’s lead.”


Ducati InmateFrame: Matte Black / Lens: Warm Grey
“Two companies share a design lineage that matches aggressive innovation with uncompromising ideals of excellence. Oakley eyewear has always been a favorite among Ducati racers, and Oakley engineers have always respected the genius of Ducati design. That is why Oakley created the Ducati Signature Series, a collection of select Oakley sunglass styles that carry the logo and colors of Ducati. These unique renditions honor the grit, guts and glory of legends who add octane to life and push limits beyond all bounds.”


Ducati Straight JacketFrame: Dark Grey / Lens: Black Iridium
“The fastest class of motorcycle racing has a young world champion who wears the colors of Ducati, and we’re honoring the man and machine with this special edition of Oakley STRAIGHT JACKET sunglasses. “Stoner 27” is laser etched in the lens to salute Casey Stoner, an Australian who turned guts into glory on the Desmosedici GP7. The frame temples and metal icons are Ducati red, and the aggressive styling is a testament to the raw horsepower that comes from fueling technology with tenacity.”

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