Oakley Sunglasses and the MotoGP Series

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Petroleum, engine oil, adrenalin… just some of the things that run through a petrol head and motor sport enthusiasts veins!

Be it 2 wheels or 4, I think there’s no better way of spending a lazy Sunday afternoon than switching the TV on in preparation for either a Formula 1, British Touring Car, or a MotoGP event, nothing can beat watching a group of highly competitive drivers or riders racing wheel to wheel, lap after lap, wringing every last tenth of a second out of their high powered machinery – In my opinion, it’s certainly better than watching a bunch of overpaid men kicking a bag of wind around a park trying to win the so called “World Cup” which can only ever end in disappointment if you just happen to be an England supporter (as you can tell, I’m not much of a football fan).

Watching the riders sit on the grid waiting for the MotoGP race to begin, I can’t help but notice that the riders are a fashion conscious bunch with many of the riders wearing Oakley Sunglasses while they sit on their bikes surrounded by their pit crew and a rather attractive pit babe holding an umbrella.  I’ve picked some of the best known Oakley wearing riders from the grid over the past couple of seasons to show you what Oakley Sunglasses they are wearing…

Casey Stoner

Ducati rider and 2007 World Champion Casey Stoner wears several pairs of Oakley including his own Oakley Scalpel Casey Stoner Edition.

casey stoner wears oakley scalpel

casey stoner wears oakley scalpel CASEY STONER edition

casey stoner wears oakley scalpel casey stoner edition

casey stoner wears straight jacket

Jorge Lorenzo

Yamaha rider and probably odds on favourite for clinching the 2010 World Championship since Valentino Rossi crashed and broke his leg at Mugello in June.  Lorenzo seems to have found a favourite frame with the ‘Wayfarer style’ Oakley Limited Edition Frogskin sunglasses – he has also been pictured wearing the Oakley Holbrook, a very similar style to the Frogskins.

jorge lorenzo wears oakley frogskins

jorge lorenzo wears oakley holbrook

Nicky Hayden

Ducati rider and 2006 World Champion “The Kentucky Kid” Nicky Hayden chooses to wear sunglasses from either his own Oakley Ducati Jupiter Nicky Hayden Edition or a frame from the Oakley Frogskins collection.  Nicky has also been spotted wearing a special edition Oakley Antix frame.

nicky hayden wears oakley frogskins

niceky hayden wears oakley jupiter nicky hayden edition

nicky hayden wears oakley antix

Loris Capirossi

Perhaps the most experienced rider in the MotoGP field with over 300 races under his belt, Suzuki’s Loris Capirossi chooses to wear the Oakley Antix Sunglasses.

loris capirossi wears oakley antix

Andrea Dovizioso

Honda Rider Andrea Dovizioso has been Honda’s most consistent rider in 2009/10 with many top 6 results and a single victory at Donington in 2009.  Dovizioso chooses to wear the MotoGP Signature Series Oakley Jupiter with Fire Iridium lenses and the Oakley Oil Rig.

andrea dovizioso wears oakley jupiter

dovizioso wears oakley oil rig

Ben Spies

Monster Yamaha Tech 3 rider Ben Spies chooses to wear what I think is the smartest style Oakley frame, the fashionable Oakley Inmate.

ben spies wears oakley antix

Colin Edwards

Ben Spies’ team mate Colin Edwards wears the Oakley Hijinx.

colin edwards wears oakley antix

We hope this list of riders and their eye wear helps you find any of the Oakley Sunglasses you are looking for, if you’re looking to buy any of these frames remember that we now have the majority of them available through the SelectSpecs.com website.  If a particular item is not listed or is unavailable, feel free to drop us an email and we will try to get that item in for you within 5-7 days providing it’s available from the supplier.

Imagery of GP Riders and Sunglasses courtesy of Oakley.

4 thoughts on “Oakley Sunglasses and the MotoGP Series

  1. Please tell me there will be a Valentino Rossi edition pair of Oakley sunglasses.  There will be plenty more people who want them alot more than Casey Stoner fans.  Stoner is no longer with Ducati now and Rossi has many more fans.

    1. Unfortunately Mark, Valentino Rossi doesn’t seem to wear Oakley Sunglasses, at a guess we would say that he has chosen not to be sponsored by Oakley unlike the other riders.

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