Parents Choose Unapproved Eye Treatments Over Children’s Specs

It appears parents are looking at other ways to enhance their kids sight rather than SelectSpecs – if you pardon the pun!

There is nothing child-like here though, as something more dangerous is going on. Unapproved treatments rather than glasses are being chosen by parents and the rate is increasing.

This is largely in part down to myopia which is on the up and up. Otherwise known as nearsightedness, this eye related disorder is far from being on the wane. Millions of kids worldwide have had to wear glasses on a permanent basis in order to improve their vision.

Yet, what is being promoted at the minute is a treatment called orthokeratology, an alternative therapy to traditional glasses. Furthermore, the promotion of atropine eye drops is believed to prevent a child’s sight from gradually worsening.

There is some improvement but very minor with little or no effect for many children. But, according to Dr. Thomas Steinemann from American Academy of Ophthalmalogy;

“Orthok is like orthodontia for the eye: You’re applying a force to a part of the eye that controls focusing” he proclaimed.

So How Does The Process Work?

Contact lenses that have been specially made while you are catching forty winks have the ability to flatten and smooth out the cornea.

As a result, it gives people the chance to enjoy far better field of vision close up. This means many wont need to wear specs or lenses during the day.

In spite of the growing risks, many parents are looking to orthokeratology as a way to prevent short sightedness in their kids.

What Do We Know Of OrthoK?

Well it turns out it has been around since the Beatles were singing about Paperback Writers.

Although this practice has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, you have to keep wearing these lenses every night. This is in order to benefit from the optimal vision when you are awake.

Yet the jury is still out on whether OrthoK halts myopia for kids in its tracks. On the other hand, there are those who may be liable to contract eye infections overnight despite its approval. It is believed sleeping with any lenses increases the likelihood by up to eight times.

These so called breathable contacts have already swept the US by storm. On top of this, there is also the expense as this treatment can be pricy. This is especially the case when compared to regular glasses.

The Rise Of Myopia

But parents don’t want to leave it as myopia is on the rise. According to World Health Organisation report published this year, nearly half the global population will have severe vision issues by 2050.

In fact when you drill down further into the figures, they don’t look as appealing either. In the last four decades, myopia has tripled in Asia. Meanwhile, nearsightedness affects nearly 97% of most 20 somethings in South Korea. Looks like this tide is set to continue for some time.

“Kids today are doing so much close work, it’s so unhealthy,” declared Dr. Cary Herzberg, president of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control.

At the end of the day we are becoming a zombie nation. The way in which we interact with devices such as smartphones, tablets and plasma screens does not really exercise our peepers.

Other Ways To Improve Myopia

Flexing those eye muscles are a thing of the past thanks fast food tech ensuring they are not in tip top condition. Myopia can even lead to a host of eye related disorders including glaucoma. This health risk is coupled with macular degeneration and much more.

Scientists have disapproved of Orthok instead encouraging children to spend around half an hour in the sun. This is because sunlight aids the development of the eye in younger kids.

The Case For Orthok

The natural methods put forward by many has been frowned upon by numerous parents who feel Orthok is a risk they are willing to take. In addition, other smaller studies have shown that Orthok treatment improves sight as well as slowing nearsightedness down.

Recent studies have shown that wearing these special lenses for less than four years can reduce nearsightedness by nearly 94%. Nevertheless, we all need to take these reviews with a very large pinch of salt.

It might be sweet music to many parents ears but there is still not enough concrete evidence for Orthok. When it comes to treatment of myopia there are other factors to take into consideration.

When you reach adulthood as vision deteriorates after the age of around 25. Consequently, more and more parents are turning to Orthok lenses to stop myopia for good.

Atropine Drops

As far as atropine drops are concerned, others are looking at this solution quite literally. Previously used in eye examinations that gives doctors a clearer view, these drops are now being to treat the progression of myopia.

Naturally, less potent formulas are being dispensed to ensure the pupils don’t become too dilated but it apparently assists. This drops work their magic by helping to relax the part that controls your eye’s focus. In turn, scientists have a conviction that this specific mechanism can halt nearsightedness.

Currently, many kids from Asia are taking up the drop solution that will hopefully put a stop to myopia progression.


It’s always best to consult your optician before attempting any treatment to ensure the safety of your vision, and to keep track of the treatment. Whether you are for, against or on the fence, this is certainly an eye opener.

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