Quarter of UK population endanger vision in downturn

A quarter of the UK population could be endangering their vision because of the financial downturn according to Action for Blind People (ABP).  The charity is calling for people to get their eyes tested in the New Year and not to be put off by the economic downturn after a study revealed that many are avoiding eye tests because of the cost. The YouGov survey found that of 2,350 people questioned about their attitudes towards eye tests, 27 per cent hadn’t had their eyes tested in the last two years, with 30 per cent citing cost as the reason. The findings are supported by another YouGov survey commissioned by medical insurer Engage Mutual, which suggests that over quarter of the UK population (26 per cent) are struggling to meet the cost of new spectacles. Source: OpticianOnline.net (2009) We find news stories like this worrying as we actively encourage our customers to have an eye test every two years (or sooner) to ensure their eyes are healthy.  We realise the cost of having an eye test can be expensive but there are often free eye test options available from various opticians at different times of the year to help reduce costs – and as we love to save our customers money, we will post any free offers on our blog as and when we discover them! Many customers may also be put off by the thought of having to buy a new pair of expensive glasses from their optician right after having an eye test, however, under the UK Opticians Act of 1989, it is the obligation of any optician to provide you with a prescription so you can be free to shop elsewhere for your glasses and at an often greatly reduced cost. So if you are lucky enough to have taken advantage of a free eye test and have your new prescription to hand we know you can pick up a great pair of stylish cheap glasses for less than £50 including FREE Thin and Light Lenses, UV, Anti-reflection and Scratch Resistant coatings.  Here’s a great example from our Arbor range of glasses… Arbor Prescription Glasses, Banyan - £44.95 inc. lenses Arbor Prescription Glasses, Banyan – £44.95 inc. lenses If you are on an even tighter budget, you can have a new pair of lenses fitted to your much loved existing frame for as little as £15 by using our popular Reglaze service.  We believe our Reglaze service is a great alternative to buying a completely new pair of glasses!  More information can be found here.

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