Prescription Glasses by Ferrari and Playboy

If you are looking for a hot new look for 2009 why not choose a new pair of glasses from one of our new fashionable ranges?  We have now updated our vast catalogue to include 2 new fashionable ranges, these are Ferrari Glasses and Playboy Glasses.

Ferrari Prescription Glasses

Ferrari who are famous for their success in Formula 1 racing with drivers such as Michael Schumacher have now turned their hand to designing various styles of prescription glasses including the following: Ferrari Gran Turismo FR5015 GRAN TURISMO FR5015 – £218.15 Ferrari Gran Turismo FR5089 GRAN TURISMO FR5089 – £168.92 If you’re lucky enough to be off to a Formula 1 Grand Prix this year and support Ferrari and their drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen, why not take a look at our selection of Ferrari Sunglasses.

Playboy Prescription Glasses

Playboy glasses are available for both Men (Model Suffix = ‘PBM‘) and ladies, in Plastic and Metal materials, in Fully Rimmed, Semi-Rimless and Rimless styles. Playboy Glasses PBM 5003 – £88.15 Playboy Glasses Playboy 57 – £81.44 Playboy Glasses are available for both Men (Model Suffix = ‘PBM‘) and ladies. Don’t forget that the great prices displayed also include FREE Standard or Thin & Light Lenses, UV Protection, Scratch Resistance, and Anti-Reflection coatings.  There are absolutely no hidden charges in our prices!

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