Sarah Palin: She’s in Fashion

Sarah Palin: She’s in Fashion Whatever your opinions are of Sarah Palin, there’s no denying the fact that she has been grabbing the lion’s share of the headlines during the 2008 Presidential Election campaign.  Republican US presidential candidate John McCain’s chosen running mate seems to have gained more attention than the man himself. While Barack Obama appears to be easing ahead in the polls, its almost as if Sarah Palin is the new Britney Spears or Paris Hilton of Internet search terms.  “Sarah Palin” is No. 1 on the list of mostly widely used political search terms, with about 1 in every 500 web searches containing her name.  Although research by Hitwise suggests that popular searches include terms such as “Sarah Palin Vogue”, “Sarah Palin sexy photos”, “Sarah Palin bikini” and “Sarah Palin Nude”! (Make of that what you will…).  Needless to say, even Hustler appears to be cashing in on her popularity by shooting a Sarah Palin themed porn film. On a serious note, Sarah Palin has apparently even influenced some of our own customers into certain fashion purchasing decisions.  At we have seen an increase in popularity in glasses and frames that are similar in style to those worn by the attractive vice-presidential nominee hockey mom. We therefore decided to have a glance over our extensive range and pick out a selection of glasses/frames that we consider to be potential “Sarah Palin look-a-like” glasses and list them here for your viewing pleasure.  Surprisingly there are quite a few more on our site that we couldn’t list here, so feel free to have a browse. R4722-S1 Rodenstock Prescription Glasses: R4722-S1 Hush XiFlex W05 Sarah Palin look-a-likes Hush Prescription Glasses, XiFlex W05, Sarah Palin look-a-likes Esprit Prescription Glasses, et9322 Esprit Prescription Glasses, et9322 Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses, RB7002 (Sarah Palin look-a-likes) Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses, RB7002 Humphrey’s Prescription Glasses, 2412 (Sarah Palin look-a-likes) Humphrey’s Prescription Glasses, 2412 Just Cavalli Prescription Glasses, JC 0057 (Sarah Palin look-a-like glasses) Just Cavalli Prescription Glasses, JC 0057 Rodenstock Prescription Glasses, R4757-S2 (Sarah Palin like glasses) Rodenstock Prescription Glasses, R4757-S2 Feel free to take a look around our new site and use our new search functionality.  Maybe you can find something even better.

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