Sneak Peek Video 2 – SelectSpecs First High Street Store – Work in Progress

We have just uploaded our second Sneak Peak video (above).  I guess the secret is out by now; we just can’t keep our mouths shut about this one we are so excited.  Yes, we will be launching our first high street store later this month in Westgate-on-Sea, Kent.  There is so much activity going on right now, so we shot a little bit more footage of the work that is being done right now.  In this new video you can see some of the progress being made from the previous week as the workmen have now fitted mirrors around the store and can be seen fitting new glass shelves to display all our budget and designer prescription glasses and sunglasses.  I must say, it is looking damn sexy already and it’s not even finished yet.

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If you missed our first Sneak Peek video, you can see it here: –

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