Super Cheap Glasses – What else can you buy for £5 / $8?


After several months of preparation we’re now excited to be able to offer an exclusive range of single vision glasses from just £5 (or US$8, AUS$12, CAN$10) complete with standard lenses, a FREE scratch resistance coating, full UV protection and anti-reflection treatment!  We believe these are actually the cheapest complete prescription glasses available to buy online, just see for yourself when you take a look at this offer!

If you haven’t seen our great range of Super Saver Cheap Glasses yet, take a look here: Super Saver Cheap Glasses.

During our research for this fantastic offer we were really quite shocked by what £5 actually buys you in 2009 so in order to demonstrate what fantastic value our Super Saver Glasses are we’ve listed 10 alternative items you could buy instead of a pair of the worlds cheapest glasses!

1). Large Big Mac Meal
A Big Mac Meal
A large McDonalds Big Mac meal purchased in a UK city is unlikely to leave you much change from a £5 note.

2). A Gallon of Petrol


Us poor unfortunate souls in the UK are hit hard in the pocket every time we fill up our cars, at the moment £5 will put just over 1 gallon of petrol or diesel in your tank.

3). 2 Pints of Beer


For £5 you could get 2 pints of beer from a pub chain like Wetherspoons, of course this varies from pub to pub and the location.

4). A Bottle of Wine

Cheap Wine

Many of the well known supermarkets in the UK have a good range of cheap bottles of plonk available for less than £5 – Not quite sure how it will taste though!?!

5). A Packet of Cigarettes

Packet of Cigarettes

A packet of cigarettes – your £5 note will be going up in smoke.

6). A Music CD

CD Sale

CD sales are dwindling due to ever increasing digital downloads, this means you can often find the latest album from your favourite artist for around £5 from various online retailers.

7). A Magazine and a Bar of Chocolate


A popular magazine and a bar of chocolate from your local newsagents will leave you very little from a fiver.  A copy of the latest EVO automotive magazine now costs £4.20!

8).  1 Day London Travel Card

London Travel Card

London has a habit of emptying your wallet rather quickly and the transport system doesn’t help either.  If you’re an adult looking to travel around London for a day it will cost you £5.60 for a 1 Day, Zones 1-2 off peak travel card!

9). Movie Rental

Love Film

A month of entertainment with a basic subscription to an online Movie rental service such as Love Film (2 Movies per month) will cost you a little less than £5 per month.

10). 50 Text Messages or 1/2 hour of Talk Time

Mobile Phone

£5 won’t last you very long if you’re a chatterbox or a ‘textaholic’ on a Pay As You Go mobile phone, your credit will probably need a top up after 50 text messages or 1/2 an hour of talking.

So What Glasses are on Offer?

This fantastic offer includes 10 frames from our NEW Savannah range – 8 full rimmed and 2 semi-rimless styles. Here are a couple of examples:


Choose from 8 full rimmed styles for just £5


Choose from 2 semi-rimless styles for just £8

If you are interested in this great offer we highly recommend that you get your order in as soon as possible as these glasses at such low prices are sure to sell out quickly!

*Limited stock available.  A maximum of 2 items per order.  See offer for further details.

13 thoughts on “Super Cheap Glasses – What else can you buy for £5 / $8?

  1. I’ve just ordered a pair of the £5 glasses for myself & for my husband, I can’t wait to get them – what a fabulous offer!

  2. Ordered 4 pairs of glasses, which were received very quickly. Three pairs were from the £5 to £8 bargain sale range, two were of the normal quality but the Savanah Gardinia gunmental frames were extremely poorly made. The arms were all lose, plastic moulding on the arms were mis-cut and the lens did not fit flush to the upper frame. I hasten to add that this is not the normal standard and was surprised on receipt.

  3. I ordered a pair of the (cheapies) Savannah, Aloe, Red Butterfly Pattern on Arms glasses and was sent a completely different pair! Quite quickly I must admit.

    I contacted Customer Services & they’ve offered a replacement, so hopefully I’ll get the right pair now.

    Customer Services are quick to respond and only too happy to help.

  4. hi just received my £5 glasses (tortoiseshell butterflies) very impressed for the price, also the extra coatings on them -bargain already recommended your site to my friends thanks

  5. I bought some of the brown pattern mopane £8 glasses in May 2009. They were absolutely rubbish. The connection between the front of the glasses and the arms of the glasses were not glued together just slotted in meaning that the arms stick out 2-4 mm and are nowhere near flush. Because of this I have only ever used the glasses for the gym. Total waste of money but for the price I did not think there was much point wasting more money posting them back to HongKong.

  6. Alex,

    Did you contact us about this problem back in the early days of summer after you found this issue? If not, send us an email detailing the problem and say you commented on the blog and we’ll see what we can do.

    We have changed / improved many of the frames in our £5 range since we started this offer and based on the vast number of frames we sell on a weekly basis, we don’t really receive many emails about faulty frames currently.

    To contact us please see here

    Kind regards,


  7. I am from Australia and I bought a pair of the cheap glasses late in October year for my son. I was surprised and relieved to receive them so quickly (about 2-3 weeks I think) as I was not sure about ordering over the internet! They are great for the price as he is a very active boy and doesn’t seem to look after them very well. So far they have stood the test. A little battered as he stood on them! I have recommended your site to my friends. Thank you. I will be ordering some more when I next go to get my eyes tested,

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