Glasses for Geeks! USB Sunglasses by Calvin Klein

Here’s a new pair of sunglasses for the fashion conscious geeks amongst us! The Calvin Klein USB sunglasses.

USB Glasses by Calvin Klien

These sunglasses feature a 4Gb USB drive contained within the arm of the sunglasses ready to store anything from music, photo’s, or data.

As a bit of a geek myself who wears sunglasses most of the time, I fail to see how these will be popular.  Firstly, by today’s standards 4Gb is just not enough storage space for storing all my images, graphics and videos that I may want to carry around, and secondly I already have an inexpensive larger USB drive on my key ring along with my car keys that are practically always in my pocket (unlike my sunglasses that are often left in the car during the day, a car that can get hot enough to corrupt any data stored on a USB drive!).

In case you’re interested, these sunglasses will be available from Calvin Klein in October (when the summer is over, well done CK!) for a price of $199.

2 thoughts on “Glasses for Geeks! USB Sunglasses by Calvin Klein

  1. “available in October” – marketing FAIL.

    But seriously 4GB isn’t enough for you?! You don’t need to carry around ALL your holiday snaps with you y’know…that’s what facebook is for 😉

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