Could a firm from Cambridge solve the age old problem of driving in the dark? Well my friends now is certainly the time.

We all know that there are both risks and perils of driving at night. The squinting of the eyes not to mention the tiredness. You may open a window in order to enjoy a little fresh air. On the other hand, you may have glasses to correct your vision related problems.

Nonetheless, many firms are looking of ways to ensure driving is a much safer experience. Yes, there may be HD night vision goggles and such like. Unfortunately, as we get older our reaction times gradually decrease.

This is precisely the case when it comes to older drivers. They may find it extremely difficult to spot the dangers compared to someone younger. This is because our sight is not as a sharp as it was in our twenties.

In this way, an older driver, especially one who is driving in the dark may not perceive the danger and react quickly. There have already been signs to combat driving in low light conditions. Just this year, leading brand Zeiss introduced Zeiss DriveSafe Lenses.

This makes driving easier especially in darker conditions or poor weather. This specific eyeglass lens is available in not only single vision but progressive versions and tailored to such environments.

DriveSafe as it is known is a pioneering lens that can be worn by the user for the entire day. On top of this, it also features a unique anti-glare coating assisting drivers in poor weather.

And Zeiss are not the only ones getting in on the glasses tech act. A company based in Cambridge has recently launch to combat this area. Inoptec is a brand new scheme in the electronic glasses market.

According to the enterprise, they can reduce glare from headlights dramatically, whilst maintaining clear sight for the driver. And that is just the beginning.

Clear vision is of course important when driving in low level conditions. Whether you are on a countryside road or on the motorway, our eyes have to put up with many factors.

This includes the likes of reaction times and adjustments between bright lights as well as darkness. As a result, these transitions can be hard to decipher with a split second decision time on the roads.

So what are the benefits of the glasses? Utilising up to the minute liquid crystal technology,  these super specs can balance different types of light levels.

Consequently, it allows the driver to keep the same vision no matter what the conditions are and how regularly they change.

This has proven to be a genuine breakthrough in this field and has been applauded by different types of sectors.

The driver’s headlights are connected up to the glasses. The headlights can still be maintained but unnecessary glare from oncoming cars can be blocked out significantly.

This also stretches to headlights which according to the firm will enhance drivers sight with no obstacles. Take for example when passing through a tunnel or when other drivers start flashing their beams.

In fact, they could even extend to hikers or those who have a fondness for outdoor pursuits. Much too chilly for that at the moment!

In association with PA Consulting they declared that;

“Inoptec is a highly innovative company with a portfolio of really interesting ideas. We can see that the benefits of these glasses can be applied to a wide variety of sectors such as sports, automotive, aviation and medicine. The demonstration system we have built has allowed Inoptec to show how brilliantly this technology can cut dazzle. It has also served as a platform to explore how the technology might best be applied in different applications.”

Meanwhile, CEO of Inoptec Ralf Zoll added;

“We set them a tough challenge in short timescales and I am very pleased to say that they did an excellent job of bringing our smart glasses idea to life in a physical demonstrator. Because we have engaged with PA at this stage, I have great confidence in our future capability to deliver new products through the design and industrialisation process, and into the market.”

With offices in Germany and in the UK, Inoptec are really pushing the tech boundaries with this latest anti-glare initiative. The initial idea has turned into an all encompassing tech reality for them in less than a month. What a bright bunch they are.

Frames were installed with this special liquid crystal filters that connect up to the drivers own specific source of light. These spectacular glasses were shown off to an excited crowd at a New Scientist technology show taking place in London.

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By james