When it comes to our own health some take the attitude that out of sight is out of mind. However, for many of us, health monitors and trackers have been taken to all new levels.

This is largely in part thanks to our smartphones which have opened up a world of tracking. The way in which we connect on a physical plane has been transformed through this humble device.

Whether you are fitness fanatic or like to wear it up with a Fitbit, monitoring has become de rigour in the exercise world. Now, we all have the opportunity to find out just how many steps we have climbed, track our heart rate and more.

But what if we told you that you can do much more than that? Well it has not prevented eyewear brand JINS from coming up with the next big thing. This Japanese outfit has taken a unique approach to keeping an eye on our physical and mental state.

Launched in the last few weeks, JINS Meme glasses are as Peter Kay declared about garlic bread is “the future”. So how does it all work I hear you bellow.

By utilising a number of different sensors which are built into the product, the glasses can gather data. This comes from not only the body but the eyes which provides a host of benefits. This includes having the ability to survey your posture not to mention how alert you are. On top of this, JINS glasses can even keep track of body and mind behaviour and how this affects your wellbeing.

Similar to your PS3 or PS4 systems, six-axis sensors have already been constructed into the arm of the eyewear. This allows for even the slightest of head movements, whilst it enable you to check your balance. Perhaps one for Lionel Messi and his Barca low centre of gravity teammates

Alignment is thoroughly checked which can help alleviate injuries and enhance how effective you are during period of physical exertion. The dedicated JINS Meme app also offers a host of specific training programmes which runs literally hand in hand with these glasses. As a result, this leads to improved training regimes and reducing fatigue.


In addition, the sensors which can be found in the nose pads allows you to discover results around concentration levels and how well your mind is focused. All of this data may seem like monkeys on a typewriter but the app provides extra advantages. Even Mr. Miyagi could learn a thing or two from the JINS Meme app.

It gives you an insight into a body age as well as a mental age which has been carefully gathered from all the activities. Naturally, if you have bad posture then you are going to have a much higher age on the spectrum. So sit up straight and take it all in.

But wait there is more as you can grab info via their bespoke driving app. This checks the number of blinks and any differences in eye movement whilst behind the wheel. A handy alert is sent direct to your smartphone as soon as you become the slightest bit drowsy. Now that’s enough to drive anyone crazy!

JINS ensured to concentrate mainly on the face as this is where you will find all of the senses in your body such as sound and sight. After all, the majority of the data is being seen and the developers had a strong conviction this would definitely catch the eye. In effect, this tracker makes sure we are making the right choices as far as exercise and health is concerned. What’s not to like about this wearable tech?


It is precisely that as Jins makes fitness trackers yesterday’s avocado on toast. Trackers such as the lauded Nike+ FuelBand have emerged but Jins is much more than that with its accelerometer and distinctive sensors. In fact, many trackers are placed on the wrist which is the ideal position for movement.

As the glasses are worn as a normal pair would be, it guarantees a much more accurate reading. With fatigue, stress and concentration under the spotlight, JINS have come up with a unique concept.

You may think it is a new cocktail but JIN are a big player in the eyewear market. They control nearly 33% of this sector in Japan with in excess of $3 billion every year.  So JIN is smarter than the average bear but aside from correcting vision, it wants to take a bigger bite out of the tech industry.

It is believed a pair of their glasses can help prevent the onset of diseases including dementia. By using their specs wisely, it can provide assistance to individuals in using more of their brains. Furthermore, Parkinson’s disease can be potentially tracked which can help many institutions obtain a better understanding of this awful condition.

At present, JIN can only be purchased in Japan. They do already have eyewear shops in the Far East especially in China but the JINS Meme will not be coming overseas for the short term.

So if you are on your travels to the Land of the Rising Sun, why not pick up a pair? The glasses are available in a choice of designs. These are known as JINS MEME MT and JINS MEME ES.

In the first instance, the MT model stands for motion tracking and can be purchased for around £110. These have been manufactured so that you can wear them specifically on a daily basis. They are also extremely handy for the sportier readers among you as they have both the gyroscope sensors and accelerometer functions.

On the other hand, if that has not whetted your appetite then the ES range might be more to your liking. This pair is called Eye Sensing but you definitely get what you pay for here. Coming in at at little over £230, this model has three different types of sensors which features their three-point electrooculography sensors. All of this has been uniquely designed by the folks at JINS.

By james