Top 3 Best Selling Prescription Glasses for the Past 3 Months

In our last post – Battle of the Brands, we reported a new challenger to our list of Best Selling Brands.  The battle has really heated up between the top two – Ray-Ban and Oakley.

In this post we break it down even further to show you our Top 3 Best Selling Prescription Glasses for Past Three Months up to the End of March 2013.


1. Ray-Ban RX5184

Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses RX5184 - New Wayfarer from

The New Wayfarer by Ray-Ban is still “The Daddy”.  It’s been our best selling frame since the day the first man walked out of Africa.  The Ray-Ban RX5184 continues to out-sell all other prescription frames at an impressive rate.  Is there any wonder though, I mean it really is a great fashion accessory that just never goes out-of-date.

People are even buying this frame who don’t need glasses just because they want to look cool – just select Plano lenses if you don’t need a prescription.

The black option above in colour 2000 is the overall winner, but the Havana colour – 2012 is also very popular as well as the other black options which feature the Ray-Ban logos printed on the insides of the frame.

The Ray-Ban RX5184 continues to be our Best Selling Frame Overall to date.


2. Oakley Crosslink

Oakley Crosslink - Fram of the Year from

The Oakley Crosslink has been an incredibly popular frame since we introduced it to our website in the second half of 2012.  We love this frame so much we even named the Oakley Crosslink our Glasses of the Year 2012 for it’s unique sporty but fashionable style, comfort & fit, and it’s main unique selling point – the easily interchangeable arms, giving you the chance to switch your style from smart to casual at a moment’s notice.

Although the Oakley Crosslink was our second best selling frame during the last three months, it actually outsold the Ray-Ban RX5184 in the last 30 days making this frame the ‘one to watch’.

Since the original Crosslink was launched, Oakley have introduced a metal version of the frame with the Crosslink Pro and the new Crosslink Switch with interchangeable lenses.


3. Oakley Currency

Oakley Prescription Glasses OX8026 CURRENCY from

We were blown away by the popularity of these Oakley Currency prescription glasses; they were an easy third place in our current Best Sellers list and actually not too far behind the second place Oakley Crosslink frame above.

The Oakley Currency is actually the lovechild of two of it’s predecessors, thanks to a combination of the Oakley Muffler front and the Oakley Twin Shock sides. The combination of these two great frames into one has created a special beast that looks great and is extremely comfortable to wear all day long.

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