Twilight Lenses Lead to Spooktacular Warning

Tis the season to be jolly. No hang on one second. That kind of festive talk is not for a few months yet! Yet with Christmas but a matter of months away and Halloween catching up on as fast as Usain Bolt, here’s a real stocking filler of a tale.

According to recent reports, strange things are going on with cosmetic lenses. At present, you can have the opportunity to purchase a whole hour of crazy and wacky lenses. This is largely in part thanks to online stores who have an abundance of products available.

In addition to this, they are also readily available in market stalls not to mention all sorts of novelty outlets. Fret not dear friends, we’re not going to go all Vincent Price on you just yet. It has been revealed that fans, beliebers, call it what you want have been going head over heels for crazy contacts.

Unfortunately, this does come with a drawback as many believe people are endangering their sight with these eye opening antics! Yes you may very well find them in joke shops and quirky places a plenty but there is a certain risk.

On top of this, the demand for cosmetic lenses has reached fever pitch with Halloween looming. Granted it’s not quite time to don your makeup and reach for the pitch fork but trading standards offices are likely to come down heavy on the culprits.

This is because of the laws in place. It might be an offence to purchase cosmetics lenses over the web or elsewhere as they should only sold through the advice of a qualified professional. This means either an optician or a suitable medic which will ensure you don’t bump into any strange things in the night.  (In other words they’ll check your eyes are suitable for contact lenses.)

Trading standards are being extra cautious over the next few days in order to prevent a contact meltdown. Nonetheless, you should pay attention to where you are buying lenses. Without the expertise as well as knowledge, you are opening yourself up to a black market of products.

The dark arts might well be in practice during Halloween but you don’t want to end up with any long term effects. It is important to take into consideration the fact that doing a little bit of research is absolutely key to avoiding any issues.

This recent spate of goggle eyed homage is down to many factors. In the first instance, there is no getting away from the success of the recent Twilight films. Whether you are a super fan or just (that’s right) a fan of Robert Pattinson, many love adopting this look. As a result, you may see many starry eyed people walking the streets.


Another reason why many like coloured lenses is down to those overplayed music videos. Take for example, Thriller, one of the most iconic videos in the last three decades. The end shot with Michael Jackson in those piercing yellow lenses makes many kids want to capture this appearance.

Youngsters are buying into this concept to make them feel like a Vampire or just to show off a different coloured lens. Cosmetic lenses in a nutshell are the way in which you can change the colour, almost within a blink of an eye. In other terms they might be called zero-powered lenses, with no prescription.

They offer no magnification properties and can be utilised to great effect. Meanwhile, if you really want to go all out then Black sclera contacts are doing the rounds. Considered to be one of the most popular items as far as Halloween is concerned, you’ll cause a real fright with these.

The effect that many are attempting to create is by putting black sclera lenses in. The trend in this case is that it covers the entire white of the eye. A striking look you might think but it is necessary to seek an optician’s advice before putting them on – and if you do, don’t expect to have great vision.  As the colour of the lenses are opaque you may not see things clearly.

Furthermore, the popularity of coloured lenses has seen many young people sharing them. As you can imagine this can result in a number of different ailments such as corneal ulcers and a variety of infections.

It is thought that Trading standards officers have caught wind of this specific area and are looking to control it sooner rather than later. Many health experts are stepping up to the plate to make sure there are no further complications.

This is precisely the reason why many opticians advise that lenses should fit properly and they are provided with extensive advice. This might include anything from how to wear lenses to expert storage advice. This again is a danger, especially if they are not stored in the correct way.

But what else are the experts offering to avoid any Halloween ghouls? It turns out that several experts are promoting other do’s and don’ts when it comes to lenses. This includes taking them off at night, whilst avoiding buying anything online.

This is due to manufacturers not having the ability to tailor the lenses to an individuals personal requirements. If they’re being banded about like a piece of candy, it naturally increases the risk of eye diseases and even pink eye.

Consequently, there is now a growing health concern for many out there who see cosmetic lenses as a genuine fashion accessory. But it is not just the UK who are concerned. Across the pond, decorative lenses are causing a stir of their own. Federal officials believe the counterfeit industry is booming, none more so than during the run up to the 31st of October.

It is these criminal elements that have alerted the authorities to the potential dangers of illegal lenses selling. Known as Operation Double Vision, they have netted more than 15,000 pairs of fake contact lenses. Business is clearly booming.

So if you don’t want any eye redness or anything worse, it is best to seek the advice of a trained optometrist. After all you don’t want to be tricked into buying fake goods. It’s most certainly not a pleasant treat.  Here at SelectSpecs, we always ask for an opticians check before selling any of our contact lenses, remember this should be done if you buy from elsewhere too.  As GI Joe once proclaimed, stay safe kids, but most of all enjoy the festivities.

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