Welcome to the Selectspecs Blog

Welcome to the Selectspecs Blog. This will be a resource for any news, announcements or product information that we want to tell you, the customer, about. So please keep an eye on our new blog for any updates as we will be posting information on a regular basis!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Selectspecs Blog

  1. If you ever ordered any glasses from selectspecs PLEASE share your experiences,
    otherwise all their blogs are self marketing:–)

  2. Thanks for the comment Dave, we do keep an eye on the blog for comments about our service or any products we offer and we actively encourage all our customers to share their experiences with us so we can continue to improve our service.

    At the moment we are using our blog to help keep our customers informed about the new ranges we offer or existing ranges that have been updated.

    We will be providing more informal posts to our blog in the near future that will hopefully be of some interest to our customers and general web browsers.

  3. hi leaving a comment about my fantastic new glasses,im so impressed with them and so is everybody else.great job done,thankyou to everybody involved.
    kind regards christine [WA]

  4. Dear SelectSpecs

    I finally receive my glasses and it is beautiful and the prescription is on the money. I just want to take this time to say thank you for your patience, your understanding my needs,and your honesty and professionalism. Internet purchases can be a nightmare and your made than process simply wonderful. You got a customer for life.

    Thank You,
    AL King

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