World Poetry Day: Release Your Inner Poet

Today is World Poetry Day, and as everyone knows, being a poet is not just about your lyrical prose, it’s also about the look. Helpful lot that we are, we’ve put together some quick tips to transform you into a modern-day bard in no time.

Get a pair of glasses

First off, the right pair of glasses is critical. Everyone knows that people who wear glasses are considered more intelligent (and sexier, but I digress). So start your poetic journey with this pair of Emporio Armani glasses. Round and owlish, just like real poets, right?

Emporio Armani Prescription Glasses, EA 9786

Get the clothes

Whatever you wear, and however you choose to wear it, you can’t do any worse than Dolly Parton. I bet you didn’t know that she was also a poet, did you? Well, she is.  And as everyone knows, Dolly Parton oozes class.


Blokes, get the professor of poetry look from actor, Viggo ‘Lord of the Rings’ Mortenson, also a poet and proud owner of his very own poetry publishing company, Perceval Press.

Viggo Mortenson

Get the attitude

Being a good poet is all about drama. Take it from Charlie Sheen, original bad boy and – believe it or not – poet. His book of poetry, A Peace of My Mind, was published in 1990. Here are a few lines from his poem, A Goat in My Ass.

There’s a goat in my ass,
Living mainly on grass.
They say the creature was stolen,
Yet he feeds on my colon.

If you’re more into depression than bad boy drama, take a boat trip down the River Thames and mooch your way all through the journey wearing these John Lennon style Police sunglasses, designed to protect your sensitive, poetic eyes from the pressure of it all.

Police Designer Sunglasses, S8556

Get the right books

Establish your credentials as a street poet by carrying a copy of The Rose that Grew from Concrete, rapper Tupac Shakur’s book of poetry.



Or you could get Alicia Keys’ Tears for Water. We think Alicia has got the poet look down to a fine art.

Alicia Keys Poet Glasses

Get a similar look with this Ray-Ban Aviator prescription glasses:

Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses, RX6049 AVIATOR

My glasses poetry

‘My, what beautiful glasses you have,’ he said
‘All the better to see you with,’ I said.

Yes, I know. It’s awful, awful poetry – that’s if you can call it that. But if you think you can do better, why not join the Poetry Society.

Erin Walsh (SelectSpecs)

Erin takes care of some of the blogging & social media aspects for SelectSpecs, when she's not working on being social she can be found at the local swimming pool. Be sure to follow SelectSpecs on facebook.

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