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How to Remove Contact Lenses

Removing your lenses is straightforward. This guide will show you how to remove your lenses easily.

Before you begin...

Before you remove your lenses, check that...

  • Your hands are clean and free from any contaminates.
  • If you're using weekly or monthly lenses, ensure your lens storage case is clean and contains fresh cleaning solution or saline. Never use tap water.

Removing your lenses

The simplest method is to gently pinch the lens off the eye, like this:

  • Using both your thumb and index finger, gently slide the lens on to the white of your eye, then...
  • Pinch the lens gently off your eye while taking care not to squeeze too hard.
  • For non daily lenses: Once removed, store in your clean lens case with solution and follow your recommended cleaning regime.
  • For daily lenses: Once removed, dispose of the lens and use a new one the following day.

If you feel unhappy with your lenses or they become uncomfortable, remove your lenses and please contact us on +44 (0)1843 264 715 during office hours or seek medical advice from NHS Direct.

Removing Contact Lenses

A Video Guide
For those that would prefer to watch a video guide for removing contact lenses, we highly recommend viewing the following video.

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