Actress Debra Messing

An actress most known for playing the character Grace in the sitcom Will and Grace. The TV show Will and Grace made her a household name.

A sitcom centered around the relationship between best friends, Will Truman, a gay lawyer, and Grace Adler, the crazy and funny straight interior designer.

She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Debra was born in New York to a Jewish American family.

According to Debra, her family always appreciated the performing arts.

As a child, she often attended plays and musicals, and that was how she piqued interest in acting.

Debut Role

Getting her first big break in ABC’s police TV drama NYPD Blue as Dana Abandando.

Her film debut took place when she played the role of an unfaithful wife in A Walk in the Clouds.

Messing had guest roles in shows such as Seinfeld, Woody Allen’s Hollywood Ending, and Jesus mini-series, where she played Mary Magdalene.

Debra acted in another successful mini TV series The Starter Wife.

She played the character of Molly Kagan who was made to re-evaluate her life when her wealthy husband left her for a younger woman.

As of recent, she starred in the remake of the 1987 TV film Dirty Dancing.

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Debra acted in films such as The Mothman Prophecies where she played the ill-fated wife in the supernatural thriller.

In Along Came Polly, she had a supporting role as an unfaithful bride.

Taking the lead role as Kat Ellis in the romantic comedy film The Wedding Date who hired a male escort to attend her sister’s wedding in London.

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Outside of Entertainment

She is involved with PSI, a global health organization.

The charity tackles social issues like Malaria, water purification, child mortality and HIV.

Treating, preventing and eradicating HIV is a cause very close to her heart due to her experience of seeing her teacher in grad school who passed away from AIDS.

She named her son Roman Walker Zelman after her teacher because of how special he was to her.

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Debra was ranked number 22 as one of the Funniest Women on TV in 2011.

She also won a Golden Globe and Satellite Award for best actress for her role in TV series Will and Grace in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

Messing was named the Best Dressed Woman of 2003 by TV GUIDE.

She also won the Gracie Allen Award as an Outstanding Female Lead in a mini-series: The Starter Wife.

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