Bob Dylan: Mr Ray-Ban Man

Famous American artist, Bob Dylan, is one of the most experimental musicians who took different genres and gelled them together, creating a unique and unforgettable style.

It is often said Dylan incorporated various elements of country, blues, folk and gospel in his music, which certainly launched him straight to the starry sky, reserved only for a chosen few.

There are many famous actors and musicians who nurtured a special kind of relationship with their sunglasses, and the iconic Bob Dylan is no exception.

The story goes like this: summertime 50 years ago, when Dylan entered the studio in order to record one of his all-time greatest hits, Like a Rolling Stone, accompanied by a team of experienced musicians and one other significant name too – the one of Ray-Ban

Now, according to ancient Greek tradition, Euterpe was one of the nine Muses who inspired music and lyrics. But it seems that Bob also needed something else in order to create that timeless hit; and we’re guessing it was the pair of dark Ray-Ban wayfarers he refused to take off even while in the studio.

Taken into account that the result was one of the best rock anthems ever, then who are we to judge?

Bob Dylan’s image ever since conjures up a dark suit matched with a pair of dark sunglasses. In the exciting world of rock and roll, where the outfits are equally as important as the music one creates, a pair of cool shades definitely plays a big role, if you want to make a statement.

He rocked his favorite pair of sunglasses even the following year in 1966, also supporting the claim dark Ray-Ban wayfarers are simply indestructible, speaking in the terms of trendiness and durability.


If you want to introduce an ever-lasting style into your life, then you’re definitely looking for the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer; classic, iconic, just like Bob.


It was not until the early seventies when Bob Dylan had a change of heart regarding his favourite pair of sunnies, but stayed loyal to his favourite brand. When celebrating with the Rolling Stones most recognizable duo, he sported a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. Awesome choice for partying like a superstar (even today too.)


In case you’re more an aviators kind of guy, we recommend Ray-Ban Tech-Light which has an option to switch different lens colours. This is simply an indispensable choice if you want to enjoy a diverse hues of the summer!

Ray-Ban Tech Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Bob is still rarely seen without sunglasses today, even when meeting the President of the United States.

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Do you think that Dylan better fit wayfarer or aviator style? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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