Making of a Princess: Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, was and still is a true fashion icon. She captivated moviegoers with her beauty.

The word ‘style icon’ is used so loosely these days that it carries no weight to make an impact.

But one of the few people that deserve such accolade of being a fashion icon is Grace Kelly.

Kate Middleton’s bridal gown looks similar to Grace Kelly’s wedding dress she wore roughly 55 years ago.

The importance of having style and making it your own is a true quality of a fashion tastemaker.

She knew the style habits that worked for her body and she stuck to it.

Vintage Eyewear

#VintageVoyageTuesday It was one of her signature style, the turbans! Grace Kelly looking so chic in the photograph.

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There are some images of bygone fashions that you see, and automatically see yourself wearing one of those pieces.

The cat eye glasses seen on Grace Kelly happens to be one those.

Her style in the picture is smart casual with a streamlined silhouette of the fifties.

One thing that makes Grace Kelly so unique is that her style is usually simple, yet so powerful.

In today’s dressing, where overloading yourself with accessories has become acceptable, they can’t be compared to classic dressing like those by Hollywood Starlets.

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Everyday Wear

By the age of 26, Grace Kelly retired from acting.

Her career lasted for six years from the time she started, appearing in a total of 11 films.

But by then, she had equally appeared in over 40 episodes of live drama. I

t was her performance in Mogambo which won her Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination in 1954.  

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Clear is Beautiful

Some film critics have said that Grace’s performance in Hitchcock’s films like Dial M for Murder, RearWindow and To Catch a Thief made her the most desirable woman in the world at the time.  

In this picture, Grace wore clear glasses.

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Only Red Lipstick Will Do

At the time when she was to marry Prince Rainer, some people felt that the marriage would mean the end of Grace’s career.

As was the case, her career did come to an end,  but it did nothing to harm her popularity as a fashionable princess.

In today’s beauty world, we are told to have many lip colours as part of updating our look.

For Grace Kelly, with a mind of her own, she stuck to using red lipstick regardless of what she wore.

Throughout her career, from being a mega celebrity to becoming her royal highness, Grace Kelly was often seen in her glasses whether on official duties or off duty days.

In an official visit to Ireland, she sported what looks like tortoise shell sunnies, as she and her husband enjoyed a cup of tea.

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