Eye Color Facts & Choosing Specs that Enhance Eye Color

Have you ever thought about choosing a frame color for your eyeglasses according to beauty guidelines for eye makeup?  Whether you’re male or female, choosing your frames based on your eye color is a sensible yet stylish approach to framing your peepers.  Here are a few facts about eye colors and some color-coded guidelines for helping in choosing your next frames.

Brown Eyes

Celebrity-Brown-Eyes (Jessica Alba)

Brown eyes are most common in regions where there is greater year-around exposure to the sun.  In a survey by CyberPulse linking eye color to personality trait, respondents considered intelligence to be the prominent trait of brown-eyed people, followed by trustworthiness.  Two brown-eyed parents are more likely to have a blue-eyed child than two blue-eyed parents are to have a brown-eyed child.

Great frame colors for people with brown eyes include:  lavender, copper, beige, champagne, brown, tangerine, and royal blue.

Blue Eyes

Celebrity-Blue-Eyes (Zooey Deschanel)

Males are more likely to have blue eyes than females, by 3 to 5 percent.  People with blue eyes most often come from Northern Europe, where UV-radiation exposure is limited.  Gray eye color is a variant of blue eyes and is the rarest eye color.  The eye color/personality survey found that blue-eyed people are considered sweet-natured and sexy.

Blue eyes stand out beautifully in brown-toned frames.  Other great frame color choices include:  taupe, violet, purple, black mixed with bright blue, midnight, silver, steel blue, and fuchsia.

Green Eyes


Green eyes are rare, and most people in a survey who said they wanted to change eye color wished for green eyes.  Sexiness and creativity are considered the top two personality traits of people with green eyes, according to the same survey.

Green eyes and hazel eyes, which are a mix of brown and green, look great framed in a wide range of colors, including:  brown, purple, forest green, gold, lime-green, and apricot.


The shape of eyeglasses you get should be based on both the shape of your face and personal taste; and now you know which color options to look for.

This guest post was written by Stephanie Teskers, who is a runner, blogger & proud mother of the two greatest kids ever.  When she’s not watching Gray’s Anatomy, she reads up on Velashape Cellulite Treatment.


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