400% Mark-Up for Prescription Glasses on the High Street

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Prescription Glasses on the high street have a massive 400% mark-up according to an article – “The 5 Biggest Retail Mark-Ups” on Yahoo Finance.

More than 32 million people in the UK wear glasses and the majority of these — around 21 million — buy their optical goods from where they have their eye examination despite being under no obligation to do so, according to Mintel.

With numbers like that, the large high street chains can easily get away with charging mark-ups of at least 400% especially on their own budget ranges to help cover the costs of espensive equipment, high profile advertising campaigns, high rents and staff wages.

Thankfully Yahoo spotted our “recession busting range of glasses” from £6 including free scratch-resistant, full UV-protection and anti-reflection coatings.  Go Yahoo!!!

Other crazy mark-ups mentioned in the article include: –

  • Bottled Water – 2,000% mark-up
  • Coffee – 1,250%
  • Clothes – 700%
  • Furniture – 400%
  • Jewellery – 300%

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